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Teach you Design of: Greed, Why am i eveyone Greeds against each other?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Greed - The Design of Greed This is the, design of greed, communicating, about 'greed'. Greed stems from 'one original point', from one 'source' point. within and as human being's mind consciousness system, which is 'fear of loss'. Human beings who 'exist, live, greed'..are, human beings, who consists of the most.. experiences, or designs, 'within them' of fear of loss. Have a look at this, interesting, manifestation within human beings which is, 'greed'. Now.. Imagine a..imagine a human being, who believes, that, they have an infinite 'thirst'. That, if they don't- "stop drinking", they will die! but it's only a.. believe design, in their mind. Now this human being 'drinks', and drinks and drinks, because of this 'belief', they have this infinite 'thirst' within them, always thirsty. and they drink and drink and drink, and doesn't want to make a change. They'll just drink and drink and drink. doesn't matter if they have to 'kill', if they have to 'harm', if they have to..ruin human being's Lifes, to ruin.. the 'world', ruin businesses..Doesn't matter what they do! because 'all that exists' with that human being's experience, in that infinite thirst, 'is getting water'! and that being just drinks drinks drinks drinks, continue! doesn't stop! All that exists, is: I am.. Extensively! extensively thirsty. 'I have to drink!' and I'll "do anything in my power to get all the water"! because I've to- I don't drink "water"! I- "will" Die! and this being drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks, does 'anything, and everything', no matter what! to, just, get, hold of 'water'. Same goes for, human beings, in terms of greed. Their mind consciousness system design, is designed of 'fear of loss', in other words, If they 'do not get all the money' as much money, and 'assets' and.. 'security nets', and..'backup' plans etc. For their future..or 'for their Lifes' in this moment. They will lose everything, they could lose everything, so what do they do? What do human beings do? that are 'greed', that live 'greed'? They, preoccupy, design and manifest their world. So that this, fear of loss, "becoming as them" which them's- the living of them "is greed" That they don't have to "ever experience that fear of loss" of maybe, 'possibly, losing' what they already have. So they buildup, buildup buildup buildup buildup buildup, So that 'maybe possibly' if they 'do lose something', they still have. So therefore they'll take everything in their goddamn world. to make sure that they.. Won't lose anything! it's like, trying to de- to 'defy'..what is existing within them, as fear of loss Thus, human beings, who live and become greed, will take, and will take and will take. Will kill, will destroy, and will do anything and everything in their power. Risk! everything, and anything! To make sure that they fulfill, 'this greed', as them as what they have lived and have become, and thus! 'Tried, and attempted' to fill up this fear of loss they've experienced within them, to just.. 'Not lose anything', within their world. they must! they can't! If they'll lose anything, they won't survive and they'll struggle, and they'll, have to experience themselves being 'poor', like a bump on a street. And that's not what they want. So those human beings with 'greed', that live greed, and that become greed, have got the, 'most fear' within them. the greatest! fear of loss, existing within them. That's why to make sure that, according to them, that this fear of loss doesn't "become" 'actually their world'..they have suppressed that with 'greed'. Taking, taking, taking, taking, taking 'as Much as they can'! To just not have this 'fear of loss', of losing anything, will come up within them So then they, manifest that fear within their world 'as greed', to have 'everything' their manifested world, in which they can see. and thus they're apparently safe now and protected from this fear of loss of losing anything, because then they think: Oh god! I have everything. I want I need I 'will have more'! because then I cannot lose anything. Because everything is mine. That's where greed stems from. Thank you very much. this is, the design of greed, communicating about greed. Human beings, understand that if you have greed existing within you, of, 'wanting more continuously at the whole time' of what you have, there will be consequences. and that 'greed' now experience of yourself, 'will consume you' and overtake you to the point, where you will do things, that you believed that you'll, that you "couldn't have believed or conceived" yourself to do and you won't feel a thing! you won't feel regret, you won't feel shame, you won't feel sorrow. Because all that exists is that, you'll need to survive! to fear of loss, if you don't, you'll live like a bump on the streets. and that's not what you'll do, what you want. and all that exists, is then taking taking taking, having having having 'no matter what'. So I suggest self-forgiveness, on greed. Accept, what you already have. express gratefulness, for what you already have. Because, the consequential effects and floats of "what you'll have to do" to fulfill that 'greed' within yourself, that you've experienced of wanting more and having more, will take you to the extremes of the beast, and the monster of the mind can become. Just have a look, because there are examples of this world, of the 'apparent elite', for power and control, of 'money' of humanity. and to what extremes, that they've not already gone 'to gain that power' and control of money, and of human beings. It is extensive, so do no longer support 'me'. (smile) which is the design, of 'greed'. Destroy me! Eliminate me! that I do no longer exists, in and of this world. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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