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NANO Class 4 : How our thoughts begins and our robotic response

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The seed, when it was connected with space, it's in one place that seed can be planted anywhere in the world the minute it's put, the "keter", the seed, is put into the ground here, the tree is here. I could then take of course the tree and transplant it but, once I've taken that seed, and placed it here I could take the tree, but I won't take the seed anymore Now, it's become limited to this place, where before it was planted it could have been planted anywhere How do we distinguish between the "heichalot" the hall, or "malchut" consciousness and the "levush" or "zeir hanpin" consciousnsess What's higher than that? No thinking Because whenever you are thinking Remember when Niels Bohr told Einstein "You're being logical, you are not thinking" Right? What would happen if he was thinking? According to the Ari, your thinking would also not take you higher than "zeir anpin" No thinking No thinking? So, I mean, what's going on? What? [No limitations]... Right, but, how can I have something that I'm not even thinking about? saying that, with that, you have everything. how can you have everything that you are not thinking about? What he is trying to say is, that these two levels that if all you think about is restricting I'm not thinking about what I need, what I want I don't want to think about what I need, I want let the force take care of what I need [go with the flow and..] I don't want anything but it's got to be true, it can't be, you know, I don't want no clothes, and I don't want no food, I don't want a house to live in Where he doesn't understand why it started how it finished, how it came, and so on that's robotic but why isn't it robotic? because the only way to get to those two places of non-thought, is by restriction so is it robotic? Robotic? show me how many people restrict? look how robotic it is that nobody even restricts in the world? look how robotic it is [audience question] Nothing [just pure thought] that's right Not even thought Not even thoughts, only the minute we have no control you see, we say we are not robotic, and naturally here I don't want anyone to become robotic, because then it's a brainwashing thing and so on, so God forbid that we should ever want to be robotic, right? Because we wouldn't want to get those, cause those two levels of consciousness are already robotic and we don't want that The force wants you to always go higher, so the force keeps coming and all the time, now what's left is sitting on the chair and just saying no no, no, no, no, no it's the only thing that the kabbalist has to do all day is say "no, no, no" A thought comes to you, I don't want no thought The thought, not that you are thinking about, the thought that comes to you, that you have no control over "do this", No, "do that" No what am I doing? I'm pushing away I mean, not even thinking of a, go on a vacation, at that famous beautiful hotel right? now already it's gone out of vacation, it's gone to even where, right?

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NANO Class 4 - how our thoughts begins and our robotic response

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