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communityCOUNTS: Settings

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The settings tab is where you define the majority of information for your forum. The first thing you are asked to decide is whether or not you would like your display status to be listed or unlisted. By default, all forums start as unlisted. This means that if anyone comes to the communuityCOUNTS site... ...they will not be able to find your forum in our local search. It is recommended that after you set up your forum you change this to listed. To the right of this, you are shown some information about your account type, and you will notice that we have two flavors, Free, ad supported, forums and Premium forums. These options are grayed out. In order to upgrade to premium service, simply click on upgrade and you can send us an email asking for a quote. To the right of this, is a link that will allow you to change your forum's password. The next main bit of information you are asked to decide is whether or not you would like... ...yourself or anyone to be able to add content. You can restrict this to only you, the logged in creator of the site, or you can open it up to anyone. If you decide that anyone can upload entries to your forum you may... ...also hold these new entries as pending for your approval before making them public. In order to check pending entries, you would simply go to the "Flagged and Pending" tab. You may also decide what sources your forum can pull from. Here I have chosen YouTube and MySpace Video; but I could just as easliy have included Flickr for photos or allowed text entries by... ... allowing users to submit text from the communityCOUNTS text submission. Below this in the left-most column you will see areas for your direct email, that's the email we will use to send you information about your communityCOUNTS forum, your general contact email, the email we will send messages from your viewers to, and you also see the option to delete the forum. In the center column you find areas for your forum's name, your organization's name, and your oganizations website... well as the ability to choose what type of format you would like for your forum. You can choose between a ranking forum, which simply allows users to rank the content in your forum, or a Question and Answer, which will split your content into both questions and answers and associate the two. Your question and answer forums come under two flavors, either with rounds or rolling. A rolling Q and A has a closing date, after which no one can submit any further entries or vote on any of the current entries. If you decide to go with rounds, you will notice that you can define whether or not there is a start and end time for your rounds. This ability to talk about rounds specifically will be reflected in your presentation, or rather under the presentation tab. There you will be able to find certain content that will appear and disappear according to what round is currently active. In the furthest most column, you find the ability to be able to tell us some descriptive information about your forum, the first being your forum description, a short description to show up in our local search results... ... and the second being a set of descriptors, or keywords, that can be searched for to find your forum. If you have chosen a Q and A, you can also tell us who the respondents, or the potential respondents, are... ... by simply clicking on "Add Respondents." You can then go ahead and enter their name... ... and email address as well as a website. Be sure to save your forum in order to have this information saved. This can be very useful in that if you have a respondent who has not answered a question, Below this you also can see information for adding a blog feed and performance tracking to your forum. At this point, these features aren't quite live, but we're working on them. Again, as with all tabs, make sure that when you are done, you click the "Save changes to forum" button... ... to make sure that your changes have been saved.

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Posted by: communitycounts on Jun 15, 2008

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