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25 Random Facts About Me

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Hey guys! What's up? So while I was away from Youtube this channel somehow managed to get to 3000 subscribers, which was sick. Last time when there were 1000 of you guys watching and subscribing I decided to make an All About Me or TMI tag video so you guys could get to know me a little bit more Now to make you guys absolutely sick of me I’m gonna do the 25 Random Facts About Me video Let’s start! On Youtube, I get mistaken quite a bit for being Japanese and Korean but I am actually Indonesian My face doesn’t evolve much throughout the years so I get mistaken for being a kid a lot I’m not complaining though, having a baby face is great because it makes me feel a lot younger than I really am Even after uploading more than 50 videos I still have no idea what my channel is about At first I wanted to turn this channel into a beauty channel but then I realised that people seem to like watching my random videos, and I really enjoy making them so for now at least, I think I’m going to keep my channel this way I don’t actually have a twin brother Surprisingly some people think that this guy is real However I do have a big brother who is one year older than me You might have seen glimpses of him in some of my previous videos If any of you is wondering about my username I first used it in a gaming website called Altimit Corp back when I was still in Middle School I was pretending to be a boy there so I used the name Rafi However, it had a minimum 6 characters limit so I had to modify the name into Raffee I then adapted that name into real life so it is my nickname now Only a few people know about my YouTube channel and they are my family, my closest friends and my friends who stumbled upon my channel by accident The reason for this is because I keep my YouTube life a secret so it’s kinda like the lame version of Hannah Montana I was known as a quiet and reserved kid back when I was still in school so I can’t imagine how my old friends would react if they ever found out that I make videos on the internet because it's just not like me at all Okay so those were some of my YouTube-related facts now let’s move on to some of the more personal ones In university, I majored in Computer Science, but I suck at coding. I’m obsessed with a PS2 horror game called Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly to the point where I downloaded all the back sounds in the game which are mostly the sounds of the ghosts crying, laughing or breathing I used to always listen to those back sounds every night before I go to bed because I found them soothing somehow I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with my mentality I just happen to have a not so common interest I also use the laughing sound as my ringtone and that manage to creep everyone out. Because of that obsession, my highschool friends thought that I was a psycho and they had a lot of nicknames for me, including: Chucky, Esther, and overall a Freak My friends called me that only as jokes though, not to bully or me or anything I don’t know if this counts one as a fact or not, but once when I was watching the Anabelle movie by myself at the cinema the schoolgirls who were supposed to sit next to me somehow got frightened of me and decided to move to another row Maybe it was because I had Thing chilling on my lap at that time High five, Thing! What people don’t know is that I’m actually terrified of monsters like the alien in the Alien Isolation game Ghosts are fine, but monsters, I can’t stand them This may make me sound like an old lady but my favourite things to watch on TV are those animal documentaries on NatGeo Wild or animal planet Many people find it boring but to me it’s very intriguing I love dinosaurs I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid before watching Jurassic Park before it was cool I like reading dinosaur books as a kid and I also have these awesome dinosaur cards Look how cool they are! This hobby might make me look like a dork, but whatever man I can’t wait to watch the new Jurassic Park movie, which is coming out on June I think it’s gonna be awesome! I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid It was quite severe as I once went into my parents’ room in the middle of the night climb onto their desk and just sat there until my mom noticed that I was sitting there completely unconscious I would also change into my uniform and prepare to go to school in the middle of the night and my parents had to stop me from doing so Good thing the sleepwalking stopped, as I grew older I’m a very tidy person You know that annoying person who likes to dust off other people’s clothing and fix up their hair and collar without being asked to? Well that’s me I find that clutter often weighs me down so it was actually very difficult for me to make my How I Clean My Room video because I had to make my room messy on purpose and I had to refrain myself from tidying up for the sake of that video So many people in the comments are like: “Ah your room is so dirty! Don’t make your room messy like that again!” and I’m like, no guys. I can assure you that it is the only time my room is gonna be that dirty I really love stuffed animals even though I’m already old and wrinkly now Hence why I have a lot of them in my room Every time I go to the mall I always make sure to visit the kids’ section to play with the stuffed animals there My favourite stuffed animal is this puppy one called Bing-Bong He’s been my best friend since grade school If I were Andy, then Bing-Bong would be my Woody I love writing Before I started making YouTube videos I often spent my time writing stories and poetries I have this notebook, which contains the old poetries I wrote in high school and I can’t help but to cringe at how cheesy I was every time I read it now I’ll read one paragraph out for you guys just so you could see how corny I was back then Remember that I’m always here to hug you I’ll always be here to listen to you So just pour all of your emotions Out of that solid exterior of yours And I’ll catch every piece of your feelings That’s fallen out of your soul I don’t know what I was thinking, man Those grammars and word choices are just disastrous And if you think I wrote that for my high school crush, then think again because apparently I wrote that for my brother So bro, if you’re watching this, then you should be proud to have me as your sister I really love flashlights or torches My parents used to always bring me some flashlights as souvenirs whenever they went back from their business trips I love spending time in the dark and lighting up my room with my awesome flashlights So whenever there is a blackout and my family are like ah man, no lights, no electricity! and I’m like Ah yeah it’s time to bust out these babies! I’m a very melancholic person I often reminisce about the past and I love collecting and reading the letters that I have received from my family members and my friends throughout the years I honestly prefer handmade and self-written letters to pre-made cards and gifts because to me letters are priceless and far more precious than those fancy gifts that you can easily buy in stores I have a good Autobiographical memory and I can remember a lot of things in the past vividly starting from when I was in kindergarten I can remember the people, the atmosphere, the weather, the emotions I felt at that time well basically almost everything I think it has something to do with me being an empath Finally, I have a best friend whom I consider my soulmate Her name is Bonita She’s been supporting me non-stop since the very beginning when I first uploaded my video on YouTube and she recently made her own YouTube channel She makes DIY videos so if you guys enjoy learning about cute DIY’s then you should definitely check her videos out because they are awesome! So those were all the fun facts that I could share with you guys today Hopefully you managed to watch this video until the end because now I want you guys to tell me 1 most interesting fact about yourself! Write it in the comment box below because I’d really love to read all about it! Oh, and be sure to turn your enable reply mode on because some of you have it disabled so I can’t reply to your comments even though I really want to!!! I like reading dinosaurs cards... ...what? Please feel free to click on the shiny subscribe button BWEH! Ah, I spit on the screen Hell yeah, it's time to bust out these babies! I thought I saw something...

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Here are some more random facts about me so you guys can get to know me even more, because I KNOW you guys want to know more about me, right? Ha ha ha!

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