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The best exercise for lower abs (Part 5 of 5)

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Lower Abs #5 of 5 (with a few strategically-placed motivational photos) Now if you want to do any more of a ranged emotion without injuring your lower back you may want to apply a little support to your lower back with your hands. Bring your feet down for a second. Put your hands in fists and you're actually going to sit on the back of your wrists. Ok, hands apart just a little bit and your hands are going to be in this direction so you're going to make a bit of a divot or a pocket in the back of your wrists just provide a little lower back support. Your gluts are going to kind of sit in there Your hip bones, uhh, now bring your feet back up, might feel a little bit better. Ok, do the same thing. You might be able to go a little further down without your lower back arching. And you can come back a little farther this way if you want As long as your lower back doesn't bother you Or little bit more difficult here we're going to go like this into four stages Up, then try to push your feet up towards the ceiling Pause in the contracted position. Down and down, so its like a four stage movement Up, down, down. That's the exercise, up, up, good. Hold on one second. If your legs are straight in this position and you go down that's much more hip flexer involvement so you wanna always have your knees slightly bent in this position. Ok, try a few on your own. Hold it at the top. And try to get that pause at the top. Breathing out. Its supposed to be hard, you're only supposed to do less than these. Vote So, that's a more advanced way of doing this. Bend your knees, I almost said elbows. Back down and that's it for lower abdominal training. Start with maybe the first rockback so, you can remove your hand if you like. Start with the rockbacks. Maybe progress to the one leg over the knee, one ankle over the knee. And then use this as a more advanced training principle. Subscribe & Share Stand Firm

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Posted by: kokoromiopati on Mar 21, 2012

The Best Way to Exercise with Doug Jones

The 5th in a series of 5. This is VERY difficult if you do it right... so DO IT RIGHT!! Check out for the smartest and speediest solution to strength, stamina, stretching, and sustenance.

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