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How to capture great sports action video of your kids

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[howdini - get yourself a guru] [sounds of children playing] [Nigel Barker, Professional Photographer] Hi there. I'm Nigel Barker. Today I'm going to show you how to shoot great action sports footage on your camcorder. When you're shooting sporting events, you'll want to get the best video possible, so when you watch it years from now on your HDTV, the action will be clear and sharp. First of all, in order to insure you get the clearest video, you'll need a high definition camcorder. Because it capture high resolution images, your movies will be clear and sharper. And it captures a wider range of colors, so things like team jerseys, blue skies, and green fields will really pop. Next, you want to make sure your video is steady, so try using a tripod or monopod. Of course, if you don't have either, you can always use your arms against your body like this. Sometimes you'll need to follow the action, and that's when it's very hard to keep a steady hand. Camcorders like this one have a technology called optical image stabilization that basically reduces camera shake, so your shots don't look jumpy. Plus, it's okay not to follow the ball or action the whole time. Let it go out of frame and use your ears to determine where to slowly pan to next. Think about getting a variety of shots, from closeups of faces to wide shots of the field and crowd. Wide shots allow plenty of room for action to take place. A great feature to have is a wide angle lens because it will give you a broad view for capturing a large field or crowd. Get a good zoom shot of the fans to get their reactions. It's always great to capture people's emotions during a sporting event. And if you can, change your position frequently for interesting perspectives. If you can't move, try holding the camera in different positions and take shots, for example, through the net. Or look for shots away from the action, like the surroundings. [announcer speaking] And don't forget, audio is half of your video experience, so capturing ambient sounds-- a whistle here, a crowd roar there, a ball being kicked. At the end of the event, shoot a video portrait. Have some of your subjects stand still for about 10 seconds. While you're at it, record a post-game interview of a player or two. Get their take on how the game went. These are great shots to wrap up your video. So game on! This is Nigel Barker with Sony for Howdini. For more great tips, visit, forward slash, howdini. []

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Posted by: howdini on Oct 1, 2010

Thought you captured the championship game perfectly only to find shaky, blurry footage? Professional photographer Nigel Barker shares expert tips for how to capture all the action in smooth, crystal clear HD video. Game on!

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