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IBasic customer no9

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Q: So do you do any sports? A: Yes. I do gym. Q: How often? A: Actually I do it everyday. Q: What is your age group? A: I'm 21. Q: Your occupation? A: I'm a student. A: Like now I earn 2 thousand VND (??) per week. A: My parents give it to me. Q: How often do you go shopping? A: I go shopping twice a month. Q: And where do you go shopping? A: Actually, I just don't have a favourite place. I just go where I want. Q: Do you go shopping for leisure or just to shop? A: Just to shop. Q: How much do you spend when you go shopping? A: I will spend about 1 thousand (??) VND. A: But if I shop online, I will spend around 5 hundred (??) VND. A: Because I don't really judge much when I shop. Q: What is your lifestyle? Q: Are you active? A: Not active. I just go out when I have to do something. Q: Do you practice sports alone or with your family and friends? A: For gym, I do it alone. A: But for like tennis, I learn it with my brother. Q: Do you what athleisure is? A: Yes. It's sport clothes. Q: Do you wear it? A: Yeah I wear it often. Q: How much do you spend on sportswear? A: Maybe around 1.5 thousand (??) VND. Q: Where do you buy? A: Usually I buy them in department stores or malls. Q: Can you name any brands like Nike and Addidas or sth? A: Like I buy Nike, Addidas and Puma. Q: Do you know iBasic? A: Yes Q: How do you know about it? A: I saw them in a mall where my brother learned English. Q: What do you think of it? A: I think like they sell swim stuff. A: I don't like the style because I think it's quite common. A: Not really special. Q: So will you buy it? A: Usually I buy sth basic like basic nude color underwear. Q: So you wouldn't buy for their style? A: Yes. Q: And how about the price? Do you think it's ... A: I think it's a little bit high if we compare with the quality and the material. Q: Do you consider quality, cost or material most? A: I consider the quality most. Q: And price, color and styles? A: I consider the quality and style. Because I'm a lingerie lover. A: For the lingerie, I care most about comfortability. A: So the quality and the style. Q: Could you suggest how iBasic can be more attractive? A: I think they could spend more work on their design. A: On their design. Q: Where do you usually take inspiration for your purchasing? From online, your friends, magazines? A: From Instagram.

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