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Spirituality for Kids 2014 Update (2)

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Oh! Hello there! I almost didn't recognize you. Is something different about you? New glasses? Haircut? Oh, I know! You are shining a bit brighter than the last time I saw you. It must be all that spiritual work you are doing, revealing all those Light qualities of yours. Just as well you are going to need them to get to the next stage of the game. . "Spirituality for Kids" for the past 12 years has reached thousands and thousands of children and youth around the world. Children from different cultures and backgrounds. Kids as young as 8 are pondering on a question: what they want in life? One of the biggest gifts we give children is the ability to overcome challenges. Without your challenges we wouldn't have grown stronger. You! You've helped us become the cause and not the effect. What they really want in life are not the physical things, it's the way those things make them feel. The kids are learning about the cause and effect, appreciation, the power of words and overcoming their fears. What's wrong shorty? Feeling a little upset? Remember everything you've learned about the Game of Life, Ari. Listen to your True Voice Yes! Stop, Chill out, Ask and Share. A kid as young as 7 can learn that every thought he has and every word he speaks, and every action he takes has an effect. What we focus on is a spiritual, social, emotional education. Teaching kids about sharing, effort and how to manage their emotions and make better decisions. The way our website works is that we've developed all these really fun and exciting videos that are both educational and also tell a fun story that the kids enjoy. Currently our lessons are available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. (Arabic) There is a section for parents on our website called "Spirituality for Parents" which has encompassed all of Michal's blogs. Not only does it improve the relationship between parents and children, but it helps the parents grow as individuals as well. We get e-mails from parents and educators all around the world appreciating our program and the effect it has on their children. It definitely made a nice environment in our class. If that happened with all the children, and then the world who's be like, it would be such a nice place. And they tell us amazing stories. In fact, the lady from Columbia who contacted us she was saying that her daughter was having a lot of challenges managing her emotions. She would get angry very easily. And she said that while she was taking her through the program, she saw that her behavior was actually changing. You know, that she was still maybe getting those emotions, but she could manage them better and overcome them, and it wouldn't have to lead to any outbreaks or any negative behavior. Today more than ever we can reach the mission and our goal of reaching every child in the world. We provide a common language for parents and kids. I think one of the biggest barriers for most families is a lack of really good communication. Almost 10 years ago now I was part of the SFK program. Haripriya was a student of SFK program when she was 13 years old. So to sort of have a head start as a child with that knowledge you take it into outer life and it just helps a lot with the relationships and people to be a good person, to be like most... and you know, to not be judgmental and to really understand cause and effect and how it effects everyone around you. It's because you are really listening to your True Voice and you cared about her. You think so? Off course! You used all the important steps of how to share. The beauty of all this is that it's absolutely free, so any parent or any teacher, any chancellor, any adult can really pick up this program anywhere in the world and do it with their children. Our goal for the coming year is to continue developing content, translate it into more languages, partner with schools, ministries of education, children hospitals and any organization serving kids around the world. . .

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Spirituality for Kids 2014 Update (2)

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