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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~10:26:13 - 10:43:58

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-Look at this, yes. - You know what it is... just because of the color, five points. - Yes... - You're not going to use.. definitely you are not going to use that. - ... because of this, yes. - I'm going to put it now. - Come one, bro. - No, no. - Don't. - I bought the junk, done. - Yeah, you did. - I'm not going to sell, I'm enjoying it. - What, you're not going to use that, bro. - You're will not going to use, man, no way. Come one, bro, don't. - This is the only one, bro. If there was more... - I bought it bro. You sold it. - Here you go, paper from Patricia. - Deal, hein, bro. - How much do you want for the shorts? - No, I'm not going to sell. Bro! - You are not going to use São Paulo's junk. - It's a junk that will be lying there, you will not going to use. - So, we will see about that. - Later? - I wanted to use this now.. - ♫ no lady.. - Is this connected here , already? - Give the junk man, I am going to put it, bro. - You will put this yeah... - The shorts, bro. Look, just look. See how is it now. This was settled already brother. - Come on brother, that will need seam, I didn't liked it - Hey, now you are being too silly - ok... it's gone - ... for me it's ok - bro it is.. - it's gone... what a gang - he said that it is the grove -but he said that it was green - but then I wear the green - Yeah, a hat he doesn't want, he said that he changes the hat for the shorts - no, I want the whole thing. No, I didn't say that - Let me close my bag, otherwise you will want to take it - hey bro, you are saying... - I'm not joking, this is serious bro - you are sweating on the blue one - Then, just give it to us bro - Just see this - Take that candy and stay good on it, you two .... - Where did you get that candy bro? - Guess where - The siege down town, in the avenue, is quite screwed han? - Yeah it's bad, you're not even working - No? - In my zone that's where it's really bad - Didn't follow - In my zone that's where it's really bad - heyy, in your zone it's cool, there is women in those houses every day - every day bro - but they talk more than the national guard - you didn't match with that shirt, you are all colorful - looking like a clown - yeah, crazy.. - Hey give me that, otherwise you will say that I didn't take it - Well, if you want to give to me (laughs) - ... it's too expensive bro... Nike and Puma will enter here and take everything - you have to share with your brothers, everyone wants something from Puma, from Adidas - Hey, did you see, him hanging around the town? - The right thing would be for you to put it until you fall, there is no rule bro - Yes there is, just because in live in the favelas, there's no rule?! - In Amsterdam!! - Hey, why did you grab the hat? - You said you didn't want. - It's my hat bro - Now you changed your mind - No, I never said that I didn't want the hat - Grayish thing man - Something from the fair - We're going there now - That's really ugly - Better not, right? - Don't get too close - Don't take anything - Look there is Bob man - I wouldn't take anything for Bob Get Benjamin to help - What did you say bro? - No, it was already like this Where is Benjamin? there was a Benjamin here?! - He said that he didn't really want to give anything Hy João! Mum, beijamin was where? - So, let's hit the fair then? - Let's go - Bob forget his cell there, stupid You have to connect like this - Go deep there -I go take a walk, I will be here shortly - Bless me mother - Leave it open why? - You can close then - We are going to stop by the field, then he go to the fair - We go around dad, it's going to be long - Shit, forgot my glasses - Bro, why are you complaining, you have a new hat - What's up Derson??? - He's going to be nervous - Didn't follow - There is a smoking in the house, a cheap one - If you open, in the TV there - So take in the bar down there João - So, there will be a "special one"? - Hey, what's up? - Jesus, my hairs look awful - That's why I took too long - Did you see the little houses they are building down there bro? - That little red and white thing?! - Hey, what's up? - At that time, did you staid there? - Yeah - The guys told it was closing at nine's - Cool? - Didn't follow - What's up Chicão! - Who's playing now? - Cool? - I have to call Mica later - Dirty right? ♪ Singing - Whats up Cadu? Cool? - Whats up Fernando? Cool? - They are doing really bad - What's that party up north? - Uhh, I'm bad, I can take it- You got out? Where? - Right there on the street, right? - No, yesterday? - Ah, I saw some argument there - Nothing much, I went there I saw some hits - How is the game? - Zero to zero - Started now? - Yeah, the game is good - Gilmar is the referee? - Yeah, the local didn't take him - They told me that the local took him - They arrived near me and said: Bro, they just killed Gilmar - Men took a shot on Gilmar yesterday, he was standing here at the time so he took the bullet - Wow - It's gone - It took him by scratch - But they said that cops caught him and made a deal - No, they didn't got him- He was locked in a house - ... His wife went there to get him - The the guys saw him leaving the house - That team is from where? The famous right? Where's Cleiton? He plays really good - Cleiton is not there - Maybe he is in the bench - What man? Wanna play? - Did you see man? It's goal, ahhh - 7 to 1 bro! No, that's because in first part they were arguing about the team formation, Vagner and the guys playing, see? I can't play nothing - Then, the guys who don't know how to play got in, me, Rau, Elimar still plays - Did you played with Cleiton? - what's up - That's how he play, head down - He takes everyone in front of him - Palma really had to put Cleiton in - He must define the team right away - Only crazy - Only crazy see the dread guys mad Wait there my love

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Duration: 17 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 19, 2008

Getting ready. Walks to a field with friends.

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