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Hello. This is DVAS. Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services. We are going to talk about 15 red flags. warning signs. What does that mean? That means the person is possibly abused. How do you decide? There are 15 possible signs you could recognize. Push to have a relationship, pressure to get married, want to get serious., want to date now. Jealous, selfish, indicate you are “mine”, Check in and investigate on everything you are doing. Frequently calls all the time. Check in to see who you are with all the time. Check the mileage on your car. Demand to know where you are going. Control. Check who are you talking to, must ask permission first. Where are you going? Unrealistic expectations. Demand many things. It's impossible to meet all of them. Must have a nice body, a nice shape. If you don't meet my expectation, I will get mad, upset, and irritated with you. Isolation Not allowed to visit your friends or family. Will take away your TTY or videophone. Not allowed to use your car. Stay isolated. Blame His partner will deny anything. Not my mistake. Not my problem. Blame other people for those problems. Make everyone else responsible for his feelings. Not me. Not my fault. Makes me mad. Makes me feel hurtful. Insult me. Hypersentivity If offended, upset easily Sometimes makes comments like "life's not fair".. Very sensitive, whoa. Cruel to animals and children Hit or beat up animals and children too. Manipulate, force you to have sex twist your arms, hold it behind you, restrain you somehow and throw you. throw and manipulate you during sex. Verbal abuse poke at you, name calling call you a "bitch" constantly aggressively insulting you. lower your self esteem. rigid sex roles Believes women are inferior to men you are not my equal. you must report to me you must serve me. like a slave order you around like a maid. Sudden mood changes. Who is this person? good mood or bad mood? always in doubt past battering admitted hitting the person last year. blame the other person. they did it. They made me angry. So I hit them. Not my fault, they did it. threatening of violence like I will get your neck. I will get and hurt your children. feel threatened. If you noticed yourself and your partner are experiencing those 15 flags. or someone else you know that you care about please contact DVAS. We are happy to help to make everything work out for the better. You can check out the website for safety plan. Just click on the link. The information is right there. We also have a quiz with questions to help you identify if you are experiencing abuse. All of the information will scroll up soon.

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