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ArcelorMittal - Brand Signage

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Its not going to be acceptable for a site to say, I'm not gonna play this game. I'm gonna go to my sign company down here, and I've seen what your signs look like. What on earth is the point in launching a brand new corporate identity, brand identity, it being done very well in some areas of the world and very poorly in others, and total inconsistency. That's really high cost. Already now, when I have asked the people for an evaluation estimation, their estimation is completely stupid. This is our biggest problem: signage. ArcelorMittal Our brand signage [♪ progressive music ♪] Ian Louden>Implementing industrial signage on a company of this scale is a very significant task and requires a significant investment. We have to ensure that that investment repays. It's much more than changing signs over. I think the sort of vision for this is that there's a real opportunity here Richard Butterfield>Instead of just coming along and replacing what's been there in the past, is to use it as an opportunity to really properly utilize the ground to portray to the best positions and to deliver a finished, professional appearance to the sites. [blow torch] The actual physical metal, steel infrastructure of the signs themselves is being procured on a global basis. The beauty of this is it means that, because we have a set number of specifically designed sign types, we'll be bulk manufacturing. So we'll be making 100 or 500 of a given sign type. Because you are making so many, you can afford to get the design absolutely perfect. And you can afford the time to up the quality a little bit because the economies are scalable, allows you to produce something that ultimately is a far better quality product. [hammering metal] What we've been doing over here is cutting all the metal to build the prototypes, routing through the panels. At this stage everything is done by hand because what we haven't got yet is all the production tools. Anthony Old>With companies changing hands several times you end up with this whole mis-mash of signage. When somebody goes around and thinks, oh, a new identity, therefore we'll just put up some signage and replace the existing ones, but of course, you don't actually need to do that. The very first thing you need to do is actually look at the organization, look at the layout, the site, and actually go around and work out what signs need to go where. One of the things that we've done here is we've worked very closely with 3M. 3M as you may know, produced vinyls that I used on vehicle delivery, ship delivery, aircraft delivery, and on signage. To demonstrate the detail that has gone into accurately portraying this brand, the colors for ArcelorMittal are unique colors. The gray for example, that is now a unique paint for ArcelorMIttal. Its coated by global manufacturers, so wherever a sign is painted in the world, That black accurately matches the graphic color. Wherever you have a sign or you have a logo on a vehicle, you're going to get color consistency. You're not going to visit a sign and say, well that's actually a quite different color, or in two years time that's faded away from the ArcelorMittal orange to a chalky color you can't recognize anymore. ArcelorMittal Vitoria Flat Carbon Steel The initial outlay may be a little more, but the value of it is immensely larger. It gives you, for example, 10 year guarantees on vinyl decals and color fastness in all clones, which cheaper materials, which might be attractive in the first instance, will not give you. One of the services that we're providing is that we will come and look at the sites, our surveyors will audit that site, we will produce a schedule of what exists, we will produce a schedule of what we propose. Within that schedule, we will then determine what we see as being Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, so we will give you the priorities from our prospective, and hopefully the priorities from your prospective. Phase 1 simply is the outer perimeter communications signage vital for when people come into the organization to be able to establish the brand, and a powerful and strong brand. Phase 2, is your directional, or as we call it the way finding. Which enables trucks, lorries, people to get to find their way around the plant itself. Phase 3, is a simple branding, certain buildings, glass furnace, restaurant for people to actually be able to identify those buildings. People have said, "well, we don't want to pay for the all this, or we don't think it's a useful exercise." But at the end of the day, they're actually trying to build, one of the most powerful, and one of the largest steel organizations in the world. There's been enormous amount of mental investment, enormous amount of cash investment. And enormous amount of physical investment. And really that's what we're promoting, at that's where really people's minds should be at.

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ArcelorMittal - Brand Signage

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