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The pit of self-pity is not the tip of the pyramid

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So, process support, specifically on seeking pity. Seeking pity one exist in a virtual hole created by your mind, within which you cannot see a future you don't want to be in the present and you don't want to look at the past. You're eyes look like two dark pits staring lifeless at existence and you are seeking somebody to notice your great struggle and why your life is a mess and the thing that you really want is something that is gonna make you feel better. The only thing that does that in the unconscious within the design of the system is recognition which is money and sex, which is a release from the ever-overpowering energy; because understand that energy always seek a source and you are the point through which energy is transmuted to be used within a multi-dimensional system like the mind and which is then why, for instance, a planet will end up depleted completely eventually, because, although the energy within the principle of energy kind of still exists, it do no longer exist within the context of that physical body from which it was derived. That is why when you are eating the food you put it in your mouth, it is then transformed through the engine inside your body into energy that is used to make the functional movement of your body possible and if there is energy left over after that to make it possible for you to transmute that energy through a process of multi-dimensional projection like making a movie, you can then make that energy into your little movie, which is then like a bubble that you carry behind you, if you could see interdimensionally, you'll notice all the gridlines, they are metall-like, that are sticking out of you and you are moving within it and then your world is carried like in a bubble, just is seen in comics, within which all is like behind you and you pull it, it's like a... what do you call this big air-ship things and within that is all your stuff, your possessions, and you pull it along and they're very heavy but you can't see it, you can't even feel it, you're just fighting with your world - 'somebody please see me, somebody please, somebody please love me' - you're in great danger, because the first fucker that knows what they're doing is gonna come along and give you just what you want: either money or a dick, or a pussy - one of those 3 things and then you're fucked, because you've fucked yourself with pity. So get out of the fuckin pit of pity, that is self-pity. And that is not real, it is just you wanting to be at the tip of the fuckin pyramid without having to do anything: no self-honesty, no self-work, no 1+1=2, you want a fuckin miracle. Self-pity people must get no support ever. Thank you.

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Posted by: bstaengl on Oct 24, 2011

A Discussion with Bernard Poolman
On the Nature of Self Pity

The daily self Task to place yourself in writing in a structured way will in time be your proven sanity, trust, honesty and consistency that transcend all ego. All the structure must show is your dedication to what is best for all life and the confirmation through cross-referenced feedback that you are in fact living this commitment breath by breath into being as you as life. This will support you effectively when you get to the point of no return called death and you are measured to see if you are in fact life and worthy to be recognized as life.

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