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Teach you Design of: Trust, as Self-Dishonesty, Why?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Trust as Dishonesty - The Design of Trus as Dishonesty This is the design of, trust as dishonesty. and I'm here to, communicate about the, relationship 'connection', that is made, within and as separation of 'self'. Through the- the design of trust. and how this 'experience' of self, is self-dishonesty. So, human beings 'placed', their trust, within other human beings, within their world. Or, within the world in it's entirety. So, a human being's trust is, 'there', not 'Here'. and in placing, and defining 'your trust', within another..that is separation of 'self'. Which is self, dishonesty. why is it self-dishonesty? Because, 'who you are', as one as equal as yourself, is 'Here' - as every breathe. In defining your trust, separated from yourself, within another human being, or other human beings within this world, is 'separating you within yourself'. and in that, you're self-dishonest. because you've, separated yourself, from yourself! and, existing in separation, with another human being. which is manifesting 'a relationship', Where two mind 'systems' come together, and experience themselves together, and support and assist each other in mind system placements of themselves. and 'Inevitably'.. This 'illusion' of, defining your trust within another 'separated from You' which is self-dishonesty 'in itself'. You, 'do experience', the realization - that you cannot 'actually really Trust anyone, or anything', within this world. and in this existence. See! Trust..within another, separate and outside of you, is, like 'tentacles', the mind system 'throw out', inside the other, and then, 'you trap', the other being, in saying: I trust you which is 'forming and creating a relationship', separate from yourself, outside of yourself. Because you, haven't accepted yourself, as self-trust! and inevitably, 'that illusion', of relationship, established in 'trust in' as defined in another. Must 'fall', must 'break' because it is 'not real'. and this is how 'you as who you are', is actually assisting and supporting you within your process of self-realization. To realize that you cannot trust anything, or anyone within this world, separate and outside of you. You trust is 'here', as self as who you are. and it's interesting, because.. Trusting, another, outside and separate outside of self, defining your trust outside of yourself. Is actually, a manifestation, of you being 'a wimp'. Using, an excuse, for not trusting yourself. Because you actually fear taking 'self-responsibility'. For instance human beings, placed their trust in 'god'. No! god! will save us, god! will take care of us But the 'actual starting point', of placing trust in defining trust separate from ourselves- separated from self, outside of self, is fear! fear of self! Fear of, realizing, and trusting one own self-honesty. In taking self-responsibility 'in your own world, in your own Life', which you're existing within! Nothing and no one else, but you're experiencing! But human beings, define, and throw out their trust there, in other human beings, Creating compounding, emotions, and feelings and thoughts and memories and pictures inside their mind. So, defining and placing trust, within another separate from self, assist and support the generation, the manifestation, of the mind- consciousness system within human beings Because, 'Trust' is the relationship, connection line! That is made between human beings 'as mind consciousness system'. It is, 'the thread', that connects 'relationships' - as mind consciousness systems. Which is manifesting, 'this existence', of separation. And why! human beings, are 'dishonest'. They're dishonest from their 'very starting point', of placing their trust within another. 'Outside' from them, separate from them. Because in honesty.. Their starting point of 'doing so', is fear- of self-trust. fear, of taking self-responsibility. So instead of "doing that": No! I'll place my "trust" in someone else, and if "they fuck up"! Then! I'm able to blame them! I'm not then responsible ~ No! See human beings! how, the web of self-dishonesty in separation, is..'woven'. Through relationship connections, of placing trust, outside, separate from self. Instead of 'here', as self 'I am self-trust, I take self-responsibility'. Because in self-trust self-responsibility is taken. But no one in this world, seems to take self-responsibility. Because their trust is defined outside separate from self. Creating relationship connections of, 'attempting and trying to hide'. Thank you very much. this is the design as dishonesty. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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