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how to create Wood-Metal-Plastic in photoshop..

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hello , to respond a query of a friend , he ask me how to make materials in photoshop from scrach and it was really a big subject to deal with... because there are 3 major materials : metal,wood and plastic which they dominate others how to make those i will try to put all of them in one lesson ,in an artistic picture first open a new file big , then take selection elliptic tool , because we will make a a round wooden piece choose the colors for wood :background (dark brown) and foreground (light brown) to create plywood:) fill from our foreground our selection than go filter after go to render - fiber (13---45) to make plywood now you have to know that materials have volume :) double click on the right of the layer to bring layer style than click bevel and emboss(inner bevel: dept =1000, size= 15) ,contour =50 for the range put near center to give reflection on sides here we are ! what i discover by myself (laashba style:)!!) how transform any material to same clay to push and keep same we will go to hard brush in erase tool ,resize it and reduce the opacity , now you are with (laashba style :)) you can use it smartly) it will make smart push same in clay with preserving the texture , same reduce distance and make same four push, for the hole make opacity 100 now how to engrave some shape on the wood ,let s choose a shape from lab or import it put it in the center , go to layer style , bevel and emboss (emboss-- down) dept =350 size=3 now you will go to Fill in the layer pallet make it =0 here you will get the engrave:) you want too adjust it go to layer style again and do your changes:) now to make metal(iron) , nail, how to make it ,go to hard brush, in other layer , and make in halls the nails shape go layer style after : drop shadow bevel and emboss(inner :dist= 05 contour texture choose any texture with grain and adjust dept as you want and choose the color overly : gray ,light it will be better to make the edge of the nail , here we come back to my style (laashba style), duplicate the nail layer and go to erase tool choose the calligraphic brush and choose number 15 , adjust size than opacity put it in 20 %, than click on each nail by different position so now if you make actual pixel you will see the edge real in the layer of nails now we will go for plastic as material , make a new layer choose hard bush adjust it for the halls and make 4 pieces of plastic shape (here they are round) click double click on the layer to bring layer style go to inner shadow(dept =50 distance =17 size=10) bevel and emboss(dept:350 size=60)contour(half round shape100%) now come back to bevel and emboss it is important to know to know that highlight mode and shadow mode are important in making plastic make highlight mode to100% and shadow mode to 0% adjust now the size to give reflection round to give good look for plastic now you will go to color overlay choose a light color to give more reality to plastic and go to drop shadow to give form !! here! we arrive to the end of this tutorial , please don t hesitate to ask question there is no stupid question !! new people have always good idea and old people have experience so by the mixture of those two we can have good work and more discovering ... subscribe to this channel and give your comment

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Posted by: maroclightstv on May 24, 2011

how to create Wood-Metal-Plastic in photoshop..

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