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Обо всём перед турниром

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Hello guys Danya Zeus here This is nice Spring is here I'm in a park Feeling that light, good mood Everything is well Tomorrow we're leaving for a tournament in Croatia Playing an important match vs dignitas today I will soon go home to prepare for it Sun is shining Mood is amazing The championship in Croatia is important for us But as all other teams We're counting on the major With a prize pool of 1 million dollars That will be held in the end of March So Croatia is more of a test for us To test what works and what doesn't What we need to change Because after Croatia we have 10+ days to change something if needed But as we know everyone is preparing for the major We've been training for about two weeks now In short, I can say that the guys gained individual form Because they played a lot individually Right now we are testing a new system of training Trying out new stuff Many ask us about our special tricks And if we don't regret that we showed the overpass boost Yes, it was our prep for the major But we have some stuff left We managed to keep it So everything is alright We did the boost to win brazilians obviously But honestly we gave away our map But this is a forgotten story Not all strong teams will participate in the major HellRaisers lost to Liquid But we know that this is not the last 1 million dollar major I know roughly where the next major will be held But for now it is a secret All I can say that it will probably be in Europe And every one of you has a chance to play the qualifiers If you guys live with this If you have a dream, a goal Go for it Train for it Don't stop And everything will work out I'm saying this as a guy who in his town Khrakiv In 2001 Started playing CS It was 1.3 I think And back then Edward walked in this park He was well known One of the best in Ukraine Regional champion And I watched his team play I felt like they were Gods I felt awesome just watching them play But practicing every day And doing lots of work I went to like 100 tournaments 2v2, 3v3 Back then there was no internet No opportunity like today Before you wake up at 7am and go to some club To other cities was even worse, I had to borrow money And traveling in horrible conditions And it was all for a dream And in one moment We started playing with Edward And other awesome players Which were unreal to me back then Together, in a team, I understood that everything was possible Then we won a regional championship Ukrainian championship Then the CIS championship It was our first time looking at Virtus.Pro We cheered for them in 2004 On ESWC They won vs SK on dust That legendary roster Not everyone knows and remembers They were idols for us Third place in a World Championship And then in a couple of month we qualified for ASUS Cup in Moscow We saw those people in person Aleksey Kolesnikov, still friends with him Even played in a team together Lots of time passed But back then it was unreal We watched them and were like "What is going on? How is this possible?" Then we practiced On our first ASUS Cup we finished top3 Lost in final to VP But it was upper final, then we lost to M19 in the loser final We had a goal to win the next ASUS Practiced for three months, qualified and won it Won vs VP, basically world champions for us That was the next step for us And slowly but surely we achieved our goal Right now our goal is to win a major It is the most important tournament in the world That has the most status to it We will do everything to win it Thank you guys for supporting us Rogether We feel your support We feel your energy When you guys are cheering hard And thanks to you we have a second, third, unlimited wind To clutch and comeback For IEM we came in kind of out of form We are doing everything to be in form for the major Alright, see you soon We will play vs dignitas soon Tomorrow we fly out to Croatia This was Danya Zeus Just wanted to reach out to you and remember the old days And prepare for the future Respect to all, see you <3

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Mar 15, 2016

Обо всём перед турниром

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