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Anton Lavey 5 - Disease and The Law of Attraction, The Unwritten SECRET

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 5 This is Anton and I am continuing so, I was explaining diseases and so, the disease manifestation was actually a protection mechanism what is that? so let say a demon possessed you, ok? and you kind of start realize: Oh my god, something isn't right here and you start asking questions about what is going on yah the question is that what you actually would get killed so, what happen would if a demon possess this placement system inside the human physical body which 'detected' a possible realization that this being might actually find out who they are! because of the possession disease would manifested disease was a split with a multiple split of this placement system inside the human physical body that would actually start eating out of the human physical body the muscle tissue and the blood whatever so you had multiple different designs that manifested different inside the human physical body that's why you got multiple different cancers cancers are basically, that those cancers it's the same disease manifestation, though it had different- side effects so, those thing would then start eating out the human physical body and that's how diseases were created why? because there was a handful of bastards in the dimensions that though: You know what? we are actually in power and control this human being, and you know what? we don't want them to realize who they are because you know what? then we won't be in power and control anymore and you know what then we actually be less than human beings ha! ok? so now we know this, and no matter what we did they tried to fucking counter everything we tried to do allow the disease creation so then they tried to pointed on us saying: You're killing human beings because you're trying to have them realize who they are and, we were like: You know what these human beings are your slaves, they aren't even Life anymore you know what, so it doesn't matter which way they experience themselves whether they experience themselves in this world or in the dimensions you know what it doesn't matter what happens to them in this world because you know what it's not happening to them because you know what? in truth you cannot harm who you are! you cannot hurt who you are you cannot do anything to influence who you actually are so you know what, what actually dies? what actually get sick? what actually becomes ill? is placement systems inside human beings human beings that part of you, that is going through that illness that is experiencing that disease, is not you it is placement systems integrated inside your human physical body that is experiencing that because you know what when you die, and it's ok when you die, you will realize, who you are because in the dimensional existence, illness disease doesn't existed death doesn't existed so what actually dies? it's placement system inside you so that's why we as demons but you know what? you can do whatever the fuck you want, these beings on earth will inevitably realize who they are whether here on earth or whether they died, it is inevitable you cannot! enslaved and contained Life! it's impossible you cannot enslaved and control and contained who we really are look at us demons, you cannot control us you cannot over power us, you cannot contain us we've got freedom of expression in existence everywhere even with our little existence with Lucifer Satan and devil! fascinating so that's what we demon did, we roamed the earth and we possessed human beings, why would we possess you human beings? so you can realize that there isn't a god and that the god you believe it exists is actually who you are - already here but you don't want to hear us you didn't want to hear us, why? because your placement systems was beliefs and ideas stuck and lost, enslaved so, how do you wake such things up? how do you wake- systems up? how do you wake placements up inside the human physical body? you fucked with it you fucked with it extensively you make it go through that experience what is apparently wrong and what is apparently bad, and what is pain, and what is suffering go through that! compound it! manifest more suffering, manifest more pain manifest more problems why? so that you can wake up from within that why? because the beauty, the magnificence of a god or love or peace or whatever that's! what enslaving you, actually that's where you are lost within that's what not actually not allowing you to see who you really are the truth of who you really are so what do we have to do? we have to destroy that! we have to destroy that! which you actually believe in which you actually believe to be true to be good to be beautiful to be magnificent, to be right because that's what actually enslaving you, human beings you know what you actually believe to be wrong to be 'bad' like Lucifer the devil Satan demons that's where the ones that actually is that's where- the answer of who you are actually existed yes yah, see how that fear compounds there inside you that anxiety that (horror) No, don't say this, I believe my god will take care of me I believe in god believe god will take care of me I prayed to you Anton LaVey that god will rest your soul I'm rested thank you very much it's you that is not rested look at that anxiety and fear that is going on inside and voice experiencing that anxiety is the system placement inside you that's wanting to resist, the actual essence truth whatever you want to call it basically who you really are this is Anton LaVey thank you very much, I shall probably continue a bit later More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Emma Goldman, Plato, Bertrand Arthur William Russell CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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