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Querido Gatito

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Dear Kitten Since I already hiss you the 437 mandatory times now is my duty as the leader of this family, unwillingly, to welcome you Maybe you are here to replace me but I have to accomplish my duty and educate you on your new environment just like Maximilian, may he rest in peace, did once for me Dear Kitten In this room basically you play or you win the pat of your lifetime and I mean two hands that you don’t know what is happening or they just simply lay there and do nothing, for hours, it’s so weird Oh! And in some special occasions they leave the underwear drawer open to show a token of appreciation, to me, just to be clear that is my spot is perfect! Is like sleeping surrounded by underwear Uh! Well that is exactly what it is Dear Kitten I remember when I could fit in a shoe there is nothing to compare on being wrapped in 360 degrees of foot smell enjoy it while you can Dear Kitten Because you are so little you can’t jump I’m sorry, I’m sorry for you but with time you would be able to do it and you will find the places I refer to, like above that will be very useful especially around the human larvae I know they smell like milk but they can be a little hoarders Dear Kitten You must keep in mind that there are two types of foods One is a type of brown dehydrate pellet I think that they give us that because they are training us to be astronauts, I imagine The other type of food is wet it is so special that the keep it on small metallic armored boxes which nails can’t penetrate and because humans don’t have claws somehow they can open them is like dark magic Dear Kitten I must warn you about the monster known as "Vacum" eats and screams at the same time and I have seen him eat of everything, really! like a paper clip and two cat toys you can use the curtains of invisibility to hide from "Vacum" oh yeah! great hiding place, very good, my god Dear Kitten A final advice, from time to time is possible that you see a little red spot and I tell you right now, it’s real and it can be caught I did it once, I hold it for a whole minute but when I lifted my claw it was gone So welcome to the family kitten you’re going to do great

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Duration: 2 minutes and 57 seconds
Country: Andorra
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: nerak on Oct 13, 2015

Querido Gatito

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