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Unit 103 dialogues

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eat .. drink BREAKFAST cereal .. CF (Cornflakes) .. WB (Weetabix) BF (Branflakes) .. RK (Rice Kripies) Porridge boiled egg fried egg toast BACON sandwich SAUSAGE sandwich BREAD Crust orange juice .. tea .. coffee HERBAL tea READY? dialogue practice (you) breakfast what? breakfast .. CF .. orange juice .. tea (no sugar) (you) breakfast what? (me) breakfast PORRIDGE .. Coffee .. sugar (you) breakfast .. every MORNING same? (head-shaking) no (you) same .. every day .. same every morning (me) Monday (till) Friday .. CF Saturday (me) Bacon sandwich) Sunday .. breakfast (big) cooked (pointing to) bacon then tomato then sausage then mushroom .. then eat (then pointing to taste) FANTASTIC THIRSTY (head-nodding) thirsty (you) want DRINK what? tea (you) thirsty? (head-nodding) YES .. thirsty (you) want DRINK what? please sugar? 2 sugar (thumb up) THANK YOU fruit? strawberry .. apple .. cherry .. banana .. melon .. peach .. orange .. grapes .. SNACK bread ROLL HAM SALAD CHICKEN sandwich BEEF BURGER CRISPS pudding STRAWBERRY cheescake CAKE CREAM BISCUIT CHOCOLATE BAR SOUP SOUP SOUP MAKE soup vegetables CABBAGE CABBAGE POTATO PEAS ONIONS GARLIC TOMATO MUSHROOM CARROT onions DRINKS .. different WATER GLASS .. half (or) full .. or BOTTLED water orange JUICE APPLE juice CAN COLA LEMONADE orange CAFE (big) NOTICE BOARD .. MENU .. drinks (looking at board) (me) CHOCOLATE filling up (chocolate) then give (drink) pay £2.20p (taste) fabulous! (me) go PUB pub .. LAGER .. BITTER (pointing to) CUPBOARD .. bottle .. bottle .. (lots) different .. LAGER ORANGE JUICE orange (have) different BSL dialogue practice (you) work LUNCH? lunch .. what time? half 12 (I see) you lunch what? HAM SALAD CRISPS APPLE .. TEA (you) lunch what? (me) BEEF BURGER .. CHIPS how much? (me) pay £4.99 (you) beef burger .. chips .. tea .. what .. how much? (me) pay £3.49 EGG .. OMELLETE CHIPS CHICKEN ROAST .. POTATOES RICE Chicken CURRY SPAGHETTI BEEF .. (there) .. (there) .. (there) STEAK (shape of) STEAK) .. (there) PEAS MUSHROOMS potatoes (there) eat .. (taste) LOVELY FRY (cheese) PEPPER (red) cutting .. (orange) cutting .. CHICKEN .. (put together) PIZZA TOMATO .. CHEESE beef (cutting) OVEN (taking it out of oven) CUT .. eat it .. (taste) NICE (me) eat FINISH .. THIRSTY (bowl) ICE-CREAM

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