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Child Abuse & Equal Money

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Process Support Child Abuse & Equal Money 11-07-10 Now we are looking at Child Abuse and Equal Money Child Abuse will reduce substantially with Equal Money because many of the people that abuse children, parents, adults, are doing so in moments of extreme stress and pressure which are normally financial and economic based. They normally are under extreme pressure where they have lost their self esteem their job, their income, the way to support their family. And at the moment a child will make a remark that will drive a man or a woman over the edge. And they will have a nervous breakdown or a violent expression. This is caused by the money system of this world. It is caused by the religious system of the world because the religious system of this world IS the money system - it is absolute Abuse. All those that claim to talk in the name of God is in fact talking in the name of Money. And they must Shut Up! And stop and watch what they do! Because there is no forgiveness possible for any religious leader in this world or for any leader in this world, for what has been allowed in this world. Common Sense is simplistic: to solve the problems of this world, go and seek within you to see why are you allowing such immense abuse to continue. Why are you not actually proposing a solution for everyone in the world. Why are you sticking to your religious bullshit that caused so much harm in the name of an invisible God - that you know does not exist because you were TAUGHT that it exists, it is based in your knowledge - it is not based in FACT. Time to get self honest. Time to bring an end to the abuse that exists in this world.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 15 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Desteni Productions
Director: Desteni Productions
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Posted by: tullepie on Jul 21, 2010

how child abuse and money are interconnected
-11 July 2010-
by Bernard Poolman
for universal equality and the end of all abuse

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