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What is Money in the World

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WHAT IS MONEY IN THE WORLD? What is money in the world? Money As it exists now is in fact The constitution of man It is the image and likeness of man It is the image and likeness of god Money, is The way, people Judge each other The way people Enslave each other It is manifested in Segments or Currencies or Frequencies So to speak Of various different currencies with Different values compared to each other It is the complete manifestation Of how The mind functions How heaven functioned and and It establish The now It is The energy Within which The present moment of the human Functions It is The energy Which determines which direction The present moment will take It is the energy which determines What choices will be made It is the energy that determines "Who" will be in power It is the energy that determines who will Live and Die It is for all practical purposes The god of man and that is why money Is the tool within which One can actually bring about A permanent change in the world because Money itself "Is" the one unifying force In this world Without which no one can exist Although each one is existing within A dimensional reality of money Which Has been "accepted" by everyone So that if you are in one country Your money has certain value Compared to "another country" and yet! Money is Not in fact The original resource of this world Money is what has been "agreed" To be the unifying resource Which Is something within which One can quantify labor and resource and A product and 'produce' In an acceptable Universal language Which Became the trade The economic system of the world Now The "agreement" within an Which money exists is changing In every moment From the world Currency trade markets to where The farmer is making agreement To sell their produce Or where the prostitute Is making a deal To sell her body Or where a child- labor slave Is willing to accept Money to feed the family To where The Executive Is able To sit around his table at home with his family In peace Everywhere At all times, the value of money Is established and varies according to the acceptable nature and context within The existing agreements Between man and man and within that construct What plays The biggest roles now in the world Is the corporation The corporation being that which has unified the resources Into a Production line A supply line that is "sufficient" To supply all people in the world and obviously it was motivated By an interesting thing Money This money motivating Is showing to "what extent" money has become the Absolute faith The absolute belief of The current human specimen that is walking the earth and This Has culminated in Levels of atrocity that is Incredible because It It is allowed "purely" because money Wills it For no other reason Yet you can virtually say it is like God! wills it and man has made Money the 'scapegoat' of man's evil and call money the 'root of all evil' when it is Actually "man" that is the 'root of all evil' and with This in mind with Understanding the broader picture Of the problems the world face And no matter how you keep on moving the segments or the currencies Or the values of the unions Or the unities that is established or The corporations in this world It doesn't change! The fact That there is A problem in the world Of a magnitude as there has never been before and within this context a new foundation is required A new understand, something That will inevitably come and will be managed by money Through revolution But one rather use revolution to bring about A change within the social fabric That allows and recognizes Life as the basis Of The living on earth and not money As the Basis of living on earth So Within the context of Equal Money For dummies One must understand That The simplicity of the solution Is astounding Yet Those with money Will try and rebuke it and Protest Claiming that the only thing that Makes man move Is motivation through profit And money That would be like saying that: The only thing that moves man is greed Because that what it implies Yet! If you have a look at it What moves man has been survival The inherent Goodness of man The good will of men has never really been tested in this world Because that opportunity has never arised Or arisen where All man were "equal" where Each man was the neighbor Or- was his neighbor's best friend Each man loved his neighbor as "Equal"! Where each were giving to another as they would like to receive The whole Principle That forms the foundation Of some of the greatest religions on earth Has never been put into practical application Equal Money in fact is the practical application of The teachings of Jesus Which forms a foundation Of Substance "within" Most religions in the world As far as Islam Christianity And all offshoots of Christianity and spirituality Implies and it also Formed the foundation of Taoism As Lao Tzu Presented The Tao Te Ching So In terms of spiritual Virtue Equal Money Walks hand in hand with the greatest and the most prolific that has ever walked the earth and is therefore Most certainly The answer that Is using a physical object to "unify" A world That is lost In its Fear of each other Bringing about The obvious solution That will bring peace and freedom and love Which is love thy neighbor as thyself and The obvious um Way, to bring about A world of dignity Where Life can be glorified Which is "Give" to another what you would like to receive I mean, to base laws Which is achieved In one way, one swoop With Equal Money Within this understand that we do not say That what has been before was without meaning Because the whole way that Mankind developed up to now Has made it possible that Equal Money can exist We now have the The Technology with the Within which we can actually establish such a system Obviously there is a lot of Moral issues around the technology and The way it has been Construct that must be addressed Moral issues in terms of The making of equipment In ways that it is not Trustworthy and Effective Because it was made within a Money system that Was forever At a loss and needed to create new money The whole time and therefore Everything had to "break" So that you could make more money So it was like a polarity system that was From break to make the whole time and, therefore No one Could ever stop And actually appreciate Life because You had to make more money otherwise You'd run out of money there is not enough You can't Pay the people, you can't Support the business You can't support the family It's a massive problem A "monster" created Through The deliberate! Incorporation of Premeditated redundancy within Equipment in the world Obviously these concepts will be Re-defined To be trustworthy Within an Equal Money system

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