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Cerebral Palsy Tegan's Story

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My name is Tegan, and I'm differently abled Before I came into the world, the doctors were sure I wasn't going to be alive. They checked my heart and discovered it was beating. I was struggling hard to breathe and that's when all the drama started. They whisked me out of the room without telling Dad what they were doing to me. He had to run up and down flights of stairs, back and forth to let Mom know what was going on. When Mom was well enough to come and see me, she saw her newborn baby in an incubator covered with needles, wearing a hat full of ice, except I'm the biggest dummy ever! Within days of my birth, my parents were told I would have Cerebral Palsy. Later, I was diagnosed with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. which means it affects all four limbs and other muscle groups. I'm thirteen years old now, and i live in a house that is adapted to suit my needs. The outside world, isn't. Well home is the place i can really relax and boss people around. My mom and I are really close, and she's the first person I ask to do things for me. In fact, she does everything around the house. My dad and I are close too. He's like a big kid, he likes to play around and wind me up. My family always comes first in my life, and no matter what, we look after each other. I came to a great school, and I really enjoy it. I got loads of good friends there, but the absolute worst part of school, is been walking down the corridor between lessons and the unwanted attention I get from the other kids. I feel trapped with their eyes on me, I have no where to hide from their stares. and it makes me feel really uncomfortable.. Generally, people exercise to tone up their muscles, but for me, it relaxes them. I have to exercise to stop my muscles from stiffening up like a tree! I do physio, swimming, walking, vibrafit, but my absolutely favorite is my passion, that is horse-riding. which is a bit like doing ballet on a horse! I've won loads of competitions, and plan to win more in my life! I say that everyone is unique, and therefore different in their own way. I am differently abled, I am NOT disabled!

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Posted by: pquek on Oct 13, 2016

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