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Living in the New World Order when is close to complition for the average citizen, for peoples like you and me is going to be esencialy scavery. We will never be able to get ahead. We will never be able to amass enaug wealth, esencialy to retire, or to do what we whan to do in the life. We will be contanty be working for the man, creating esencialy a two class system. So, it is gonna be an inner ruling elite, and than 'everyone else'. And I got news for you: You are 'everyone else'. The New World Order that is currently being bill revolve around creating a global technology, rule by the elite in which they dominate and control is severely reduced populace, which they treated their pets. In the New World Order the people are the enemy. Internal documents released in March of 2009 reveal that the Department of Homeland Security is targeting citizens who discussed: The New World Order, people with a Christian Identity, or Sovereign Citizens, who argue that the government has gotten away from the intent of the Constitution, And there's strong States Rights Advocates, Peoples who are Anti-Immigration, Extremist who argue that immigrants are taking the jobs of US citizens, during times of high unemployment, and without paying taxes; People who oppose the Federal Reserve banking system; People who display constitutional party or libertarian material; people who support Ron Paul; And those who have bumper stickers containing Anti-Government rhetoric. This document is one of literally thousands, that makes everyone a possible terrorist. This estabeshes a pattern of demonizing ordinary citizens, or giving draconian powers to the state. You're considered guilty until proven innocent. As technology is developed, separate parts of their command and control system are beta-tested around the world. Here at home, Boy Scouts are being trained to take on returning veterans and disarm domestic extremists. While national programs such as City Year, are training young people to serve the government. I'm change. I am fierce. In the United Kingdom it has been established there are over four million CCTV cameras. That is around one camera for every 14 citizens. Their purpose is not to solve crime, as it takes 1000 CCTV cameras to solve just one crime. It is to create a tattle-tale society, in which everyone is under constant surveillance by the state and those around them. The company Internet Eyes is now paying people to log onto the Internet, and watch CCTV cameras in real-time as they turn in criminals for cash. Families deemed by the state to be unfit in England have now been put under 24-hour CCTV supervision in their homes. This program has plans for 20,000 families in England, which is to double in the next two years. Your every move in both your home and the outside world, is under constant surveillance, by a criminal elite who operate above the law. As we are constantly under the microscope, their activities remain in the shadows. with the Executive Order 12425, further empowering criminal behavior within our own government. In the Middle East, endless wars will continue. Under the Obama administration, we have sent tens of thousands of more troops into Afghanistan, all while the same network exposed in the Iran-Contra affair discussed earlier controls the opium trade. It was revealed in October of 2009 that the CIA had been funding puppet Afghani leader Hamid Karzai's warlord brother for the last eight years. He is the lead opium dealer in the region. It seems the same cartel that was dealing drugs in the eighties and nineties never stopped. After all, how else could the government fund black operation programs across the board. The Karzai regime has whole sections of it which are drug supported and we can't touch it. We turned Afghanistan into the major supplier of heroin for the world. It happened under CIA supervision. This continues while many of the Taliban are literally on U.S. payrolls. Is there a possibility that we have Taliban employees? Is there a possibility that we have Taliban employees? The commander in the field, or the... I should say the COCOM commander, General Petraeus, has made it a conscious effort to, as part of his COIN strategy, to hire local nationals. I can't talk in this, in this forum, nor am I the qualified guy to talk about it, but there is no doubt in my mind. One day you're on one side of the ledger, the other day you may be on the other side of the ledger. Biometrics have been instituted in both Afghanistan and Iraq, where individuals are subject to fingerprint devices, iris scanners and electronic databases, to screen local residents, as well as DNA tests. This includes anyone within the populace of a combat zone. Someone has to go out there with the biometric registration equipment, take your iris scans, take your, take your scans and get you registered in the system like that. As scary and tyrannical as these systems seem to be, none may be as dangerous as the implantable RFID microchip. Through various pretenses, including terror, security, and entertainment, The Chip has been promoted and integrated into society. In 2001, following the 911 terrorist attacks, the Jacobs family became the first family to be injected with microchips, in front of a live television audience. We have a Florida family who are really pioneers in a brave new world. They have volunteered to be the first ever, to have microchip identification devices implanted into their body. After 911, I was really concerned with the security of my family. In 2004, the FDA approved the use of RFID technology to be implanted into human beings. However, studies dating back to the 1990s show the implantable microchip has been linked to cancer in animals. But this has not slowed the agenda of control. In Barcelona, trendies get chips in order to receive VIP status at the exclusive Baja nightclub. A simple swipe of the arm get them in without a line and it pays for their drinks too. The Mexican government also chipped employees for security measures in 2004. We were interested today to hear that more than a hundred law enforcement officials in Mexico are having microchips implanted in their arms. The chips allow a person to be scanned, sort of like a cereal box at the supermarket checkout. Mexico's Attorney General and 160 of his deputies have had microchips implanted in their arms. It is to provide access, said the Attorney General, to the right people in exclusive areas. Today aside from being promoted as a device that can save your life by storing all of your medical information in it, it is being promoted as the next-generation tool for video gaming. SEGA developer Yu Suzuki plans on developing gaming technology using implantable RFIDs. He states: People that have some sort of chips in their bodies to be able to keep track of vital signs, so it doesn't have to be a scary thing. But you could put a sensor here, you know, a bit like The Matrix, as he points to his arm. It's not really something only in the future. Some people already have them, chips in their bodies. Suzuki is correct, it has never been easier to order a microchip online and implant it under your skin. Microchips implanted in your hand, arm or shoulder is just the beginning. Some have already taken implantable brain chips that may enable the blind to see again, the deaf to hear, and much, much more, including the ability to download information directly into the brain and instantly communicate with anyone in the world, creating a WorldWide Mind. It's very interesting that the way that the New World Order is moving towards a system that is identical to that, whether it's gonna be an implantable microchip, an RFID, a thumb scan; whether it's gonna be in some sort of a tattoo. Imagine, a planet where every human being is required to be chipped at birth. This would be the final tool implemented in a command-and-control world government system in which the elite rule the masses with total control of their lives. This is, of course, a terrible predicament for those of us who are convinced that this system is slowly, but surely, destroying this country and has to be changed. But we can't count on the elected Presidents to do it and we can't count on the elected Congress to do it. We somehow have to mobilize the technological resources of the Internet to create some kind of new political force in this country. So is there anything else about the ruling class we should know? Politicians, business leaders and media figures are often portrayed as pillars of morality while they describe themselves as Christian conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality many of the elite are groomed at a young age to take part in occult rituals. Those who attend Yale are indoctrinated into the Order of Skull and Bones, an elite secret society cloaked as a fraternal order. Yale University is 300 years old this year and were you to visit its campus, you would see that it still has exotic clubhouses which look like tombs where Yale's legendary secret societies meet. Their prestige and importance have largely evaporated but the rituals are still a secret. And so when we heard that some enterprising camera crews had managed to spy on the famous Skull and Bones society, we couldn't resist. Skull and Bones, people say it's a fraternity at Yale University but it's really a postgraduate organization. So it was founded in 1832 and it's not like a normal fraternity. People don't pledge. These people choose who they want to come. So they do their recruiting. They recruit fifteen people every year. People who they see are gonna be powerful people in the future. So they're recruited when they're a junior in college. A lot of these people come from really wealthy and influential families because they know that this person has the resources to then elevate them to a position of power that can benefit the club. The video shows the neophytes, or initiates, kissing a skull, then performing a mock human sacrifice. Horrific screams caught on tape include chants of <i>the devil equals death, death equals the devil.</i> True, famous alums include Senators John Kerry and John Chafee, to name two; Cabinet Secretaries such as Averell Harriman; and three Presidents: William Taft, George Bush and George W Bush, who's been reluctant to talk about Skull and Bones. Does it still exist? The thing is so secret that I'm not even sure it still exists. Former Skull and Bones members and current members have been Presidents, heads of the CIA, Senators, heads of business -- I mean huge, huge corporations. These people have the network that brings them to such a position of power that most people could only dream of.

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Producer: Alex Jones
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Posted by: orynider on Apr 26, 2010

Jason Bermas presents Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined produced by Alex Jones. The film can be ordered here:
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