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MyKabbalah Lesson 1 mission 3 Engsmall

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The moment of choice In our last mission, we talked about consciousness. And we said that there is a lower consciousness, and there is a higher consciousness. And we said, that, every time we operate on the lower consciousness, we are disconnecting from the Light. And every time we are able to connect to our higher consciousness, we are connecting to the Light. We are letting the Light into our life. So, what is it that we want to learn in this mission? Basically, to learn, what is the moment, that I can choose, to switch from a lower consciousness, to my higher consciousness. Basically, every time that we experience a challenge in our life, we are witnessing an opportunity to switch from a lower consciousness, to a higher consciousness. So, let's take an example: Let's say, you are working on a very important project. And, now you are about to present it to your boss. Or to some upper management, and something goes wrong, your computer crashes down, and you cannot access your information. How do you feel? What do you do? Maybe you are frustrated, maybe you are angry, maybe you just want to run away. Whatever it is, in that very moment, you are reacting to that situation. You are operating on a low consciousness. This low consciousness just wants to get everything right. In that very moment, you just want to disappear. All you want is for everything to go the way that it's supposed to go. Every time I'm reacting to some external situation, we call it "reactive behaviour" A "reactive behaviour," is basically any time that we think, or talk, or do something, that is influenced as a robotic response to some external source or situation. If I want to access the Light, I need to stop my reactive behaviour. That's the first rule. By stopping my reactive behaviour, this is the first step to let the Light in. So, I think you're saying to yourself right now: Well, we all get reactive, don't we? So, what is it? How can we ever succeed in letting the Light in? And I want to tell you, that it's not about not reacting at all, we are all going to react in some way, it's more about how quick I can shift from my reactive behaviour, to my proactive behaviour. From the low consciousness to the high consciousness. And that needs a lot of practice. The more I practice it, the more I will be able to switch between reactive to proactive. So I want you to get it straight. It's not about doing everything right, it's not about right or wrong, it's more about letting the Light in, or keeping it out. And what really helps me, to do that shift in my life, is to ask myself, what do I really want? Do I want instant gratification, do I want to be right? Or, do I want the Light? And if, the answer is the Light, the constant fulfilment that I want to attract into my life, then obviously I will choose to stop my reactive behaviour, and to elevate my consciousness to a higher place. So, our soul, is what operates this higher consciousness, and my soul, is never affected by anything external. It's never going to affect me because my soul is constantly thinking about how to share, how to connect with the Light. That's what my soul desires. So let's practice a little bit: I would like you think about a relationship in your life, that is a little bit edgy. Maybe you are not getting what you want, maybe some person that annoys you. Just think about it for a moment. And, play with the idea that this very relationship in your life, might actually be an opportunity for you, to let the Light in. I'll see you in the next mission.

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