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Mindset for Sales- NEW

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>> In this lecture, we're going to cover cultivating a mindset for sales. As you've probably noticed in this course, running a business isn't just about what you do, it's also about what you think. As coaches, we understand that the outer reflects the inner. So in order for us to really make sure we master the sales process, we need to first make sure we have the right mindset for it. What comes to mind for you when you think about sales? What words, images, or scenarios come up when you think about that word sales? What you think about sales will dictate your ability to sell effectively or not. Take a moment to get clear on your thoughts about sales by filling in the blanks. "Sales is blank, I feel blank about earning money as a Health Coach." Pause this video and write down what comes to mind for you. It's incredibly common to have limiting beliefs around sales, so if you do, don't worry. Here's just a few I've heard over the years. "Selling is sleazy. I don't want to market myself. I just want people to find me naturally. I'm not good at sales. I'm not good at having these enrollment conversations. Money is bad. I have to work hard, too hard to earn money working for myself. I feel guilty if I charge people for what comes easily to me." Have any of those ever crossed your mind? If so, don't judge yourself. Like I said, it's pretty common to think these things. So forgive yourself for having these beliefs. Know that now that you're aware of them, you can actively change them. You can't change the past, so no use judging yourself for it. This is all about perspective. As coaches, we're no strangers to that term, right? Reframing our perspective on sales can make a huge difference and how we relate to it, thus positively impacting our ability to sell both comfortably and effectively. So how do we start reframing our perspective on sales? Let's start by talking about what sales is. At its most basic, sales is the exchange of money for goods and services. Simple, right? We do this on an almost daily basis. You do when you go to the grocery store, the farmers' market and pay for your groceries, you do when you shop online on Amazon and charge your credit card for a purchase. You probably don't judge these activities as bad, right? So what makes selling your coaching services any different? For many people, a discomfort around receiving money for their services is related to self-worth issues. "Who am I to coach? Who am I to charge people money for this?" Many people say that your net worth reflects your self-worth, and you can see that in action right here. If you have these thoughts related to sales, take some time to explore that a little. Why are you devaluing yourself? Why is your time not worth paying for? 'Cause that's what we're looking at here. Believing that your time and your life aren't valuable and not worth paying for. I bet you didn't realize that running a business would be a whole new level of personal development for you. If you're uncomfortable having a sales conversation with prospective clients, it could also be because you don't value your skills. For many IIN grads, health coaching is something that comes easily and naturally. We love nutrition. We love coaching. We love helping people. So we feel a little guilty about charging for something that we love doing. I'd like to offer you three perspective shifts that relate to this. The first is your clients will be more committed and get better results if they pay you for your services. How many times have you lost a cheap pair of sunglasses at the beach? Be honest, it happens to me all the time. Just usually not at the beach. I usually put them on top of my car and just take off. Now what usually happens when you lose those sunglasses? You think, "Oh, well, guess I'll just buy another pair." Now think about something you spent a lot of money on like a new laptop or a new phone. When was the last time you lost that? You probably never have. But if you did, it would be a much bigger deal. We value what we pay for. This goes beyond physical objects and into the realm of services. If your clients pay for a coaching program, they're invested in their results, which means they're going to show up and do the work. Number two, you won't be able to give as much in terms of time and energy if your focus is on your full-time job and coaching is just a hobby for you. Consider that your business isn't only your passion but your livelihood and how you give back to the world. There's only so much you can do as a Health Coach if you only coach in your free time outside of your 9 to 5 job. Charging for your services allows you to make a living as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, which means that you'll have the ability to spend more time coaching rather than having to limit the number of clients you can work with due to the majority of your time being spent at your full-time job. Number three is that you deserve to earn money for providing value. I hear you when you say, "But I just feel so guilty for charging for doing what I love." But let's rephrase that and really look at it. If you don't think you should charge money for doing what you love, that would be like saying no one who enjoys their job should earn money from it. Do you see how silly that sounds? Of course we want people to make a living doing what they love. So, of course, we as Health Coaches deserve to make money for doing what we love. If it applies to everybody else, it applies to you. You're not an exception. There's nothing out there that says, "You don't deserve what you think everyone else deserves." That goes back to the self-worth thing we were talking about earlier. The final perspective shift I want to offer you in the area of sales is that you're offering them an opportunity. You're offering them a possibility. Many people have this idea that sales is about convincing people to work with you, which is why we think of it as slimy or sleazy. But sales is really about offering them the opportunity to work with you. It's okay if they say no. If I walk into a store and decide I don't like something enough to buy it, no one chases after me demanding that I buy something. And similarly, if I walk into a store and see something I like and bring it to the cash register, no one refuses to ring it up for me. As the customer, I'm allowed to make the choice of whether I want what they're offering or not. And the store accepts and accommodates whichever decision I make. If a potential client wants to work with you and you think you can help them reach their goals, why would you not offer them the opportunity to work together? Let's look at it this way. What would your life be like if you hadn't spoken to an admissions advisor here at Integrative Nutrition? What would have happened if you had an interest in health coaching as a career or even just for your own self-growth but then no one got on the phone with you to sign you up for the program? You would have been left hanging. Don't leave your clients hanging. If they want to sign up with you, let them. If it's a good fit for working together, work together. Remember, you're just offering the opportunity. You're offering them the possibility of transformation and to have your support in achieving their goals. They can say yes or no, and either way, it's fine. They're fine and you're fine, but give them that choice. To recap, we talked about some of the limiting beliefs we have around sales that keep us from being able to close the deal and enroll someone in our coaching program. We discussed how often our beliefs about sales actually stem from our self-worth and how important it is to continue to look at, examine, and reframe these beliefs so we can build our business and better serve our clients. Finally, we talked about ways to reframe some of the most common limiting beliefs about sales, including viewing sales as giving potential clients the opportunity to have your support in achieving their health and wellness goals. Make sure you take some time to do the exercises from this video and really take a hard look at your thoughts around sales. This is crucial to your success as a business owner. Share your feedback in the Facebook group. And feel free to reach out if you're stuck and need some help with a perspective shift.

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Mindset for Sales- NEW

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