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شیعه هدایت یافته ابوبکر تهرانی

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Have you ever thought that one day you will accept the suni ideology and leave the shiaism behind? I never thought about it. My mind was in the school and what they used to teach us to love household of prophet and shia.I was kind of pro western Q: you were more of pro western?religious believing in 12 Imam,mourning? well, yes, in a way, like if I needed something to ask the Imams you considered him God secretary? yes like "oh Husein give me this or that" Did you sincerely believe that?Or because you inherited from parents?Yes , I did believe in it from my heart,as parents thought me from childhood. you used to feel special or that 12th Imam is always with you? Yes , the 12 imam, like when you need something from Allah you ask those 12 Imam Are you sure that your old ways were wrong? No Doubt! So what happened , you were grown up in Iran and changed in USA, the question is how can Islam exist in USA? If you were in Saudi that would make sense that you became a suni but USA! why not Christianity? To tell you the truth, I was so happy to migrate to USA, as if they gave me paradise! How old were you? I was 13 years old with so much passion for USA. But when I arrived, it wasn't like I expected to be you thought it was like a pearl, imaginary land of dreams Hollywood ye like movies reality was different, Allah says: whoever avoids from my remembrance he shall have a tight ,like hard living The sinner has a dismal feeling like want to explode I used to have this feeling and pray to lord Sorry but how it happened? being in a non-religious environment that most people are not into praying,fasting or mosques but into drinking and parting. How it occurred to your mind this verses?it is strange My mom brought a Quran from Iran. For blessing? Yes One day I came out the shower and suddenly saw that Quran. Then I remembered my teacher at school who used to say if you want to respect this book , you must read it. so I came across the verse" except those who repent and do righteous deeds, Allah will replace their bad deeds with good deeds." I was like "Its a good deal"! Also Allah says" and Allah wants you to repent" and those follow their desire want you deviate greatly Glory be to Allah,I realized that Allah becomes happy when his servant repent. So I started to repent and to read Quran but I didn't know what is suni. you were still shia? Yes I was I assumed that sunies were wrong since that was what we were thought at secondary school and how wrong were Abubakr,Omar,Othman like in our family when they wanted to swear they swear to Omar so you were shia reading Quran, and naturally humans follow parents. How were Huesinia worship places in those times in USA? there wasn't much. 1 or 2 mosque. Some one may say, Oh well he didn't know much about religion, he went there and saw the sunies so he ended up like them,not knowing the differences,what made you change ways?Did you know the difference between shia and suni? Based on my studies,I was under perception that all the rightly guided caliphs were kafir.May Allah forgive me I didn't know until one day I met a suni Palestinian and felt that I must enjoy good and forbid evil since he is a kafir Suni so I should make him a Muslim by inviting him to Shia a Palestinian!!yes , Palestinian you considered suni a kafir? Yes I felt that I must guide him to right path with 14 years of age so you were a fanatic shia yes I was like he should be guided to truth lol, save them from hell? Yes! so we started discussing the call to prayer and I asked: Do you guys bear witness that Omar is friend of Allah(in adhan). I thought as we say I bear witness that Ali is friend of God,probably they use Omar instead He was like no, no such thing was ever an issue in that time, which really got me. I wondered then from where "Ali" was added to Adhan?So if this is some thing added to religion then probably other things are added as well Then I realized that beating one self on Ashura or Hueseynia was not in actual Islam-Extra- not even 12 Imams were involved in it. So I bought a book that spoke about first 4 caliphs of Islam,and I was surprised to see a hadith about them,how can there be a hadith about Abubakr that if I chose a friend, I chose Abubakr, Or Omar that was given the title of Farooq, the one who separates right from wrong. I was shocked! You were Dazzled? I was like, not even as a joke we hear it so imagine real. After I read the book I went to him and asked him how can I be a suni. So he said you are suni without explanation.So I was like now I should seek help from 3 extra caliphs I didn't know what is shirk or Tawheed till I realized that we should only worship Allah alone.I didn't know that asking help from dead people is major shirk coincidentally one of our viewers was saying that he was changing channels then he said let me check Kalemeh TV. So he heard us say : his eminence Omar "may Allah be please with him", I was like "Ah" he said that to me saying: his eminence Omar "may Allah be pleased with him , was like some one say: His eminence Hitler may Allah be pleased with him! He said it didn't make sense to use the word "eminence" and "may Allah be pleased with him" for Omar! Then I heard that Omar was the groom of Fatima and Ali so all my belief were destroyed. You have chosen the name Abubakr, I would like to briefly hear why? After reading about the Abubakr that our prophet said : if he chose a friend he chose Abubakr as friend and that the best of creation after prophets is Abubakr. it is an American tradition that when one becomes a Muslim,he chose a new name usually. So I wanted to start a new chapter as new person in my life . my friends told me that it is sunah in Islam to have a Kunia name like Abu-something even if you don't have kids. So I was like ok, if that is the case I chose Abubakr. It is kunia,title and name It is interesting that Abubakr had no son by the name Bakr. Correct. his kids name were Abdurahman, Mohammad,etc he had no son by the name Bakr.So since them I became famous as Abubakr. Few things; some people may say that wahabis have given you guys money, palaces, wealth so they became wahabi for the sake of money. How much they paid you? By Allah, to tell you the truth, in United States, unfortunately many of those who become Muslims, they have financial crisis and the mosques don't offer them help irregardless of being Shia, Suni, what ever name you want to call it Wahabi , Sufi , no one helps each other. So it is the intention of person with his lord Another question: You as a person who practices Islam in United States, praying, fasting, attending mosques or giving lectures, isn't it hard for you? are you sincerely, with this way of Islam that you have chosen, by following Quran and sayings of Prophet, are satisfied in your heart? Praise to be for Allah, I am very satisfied, glory be to Allah, Quran, the word of Allah is a light,expansion of chest, I can not live without Quran. I can not sleep without it or live my daily life. All prophets and their companions had hardship in the path of Allah It is the tradition of prophets to be beaten, going to jail and enduring hardship, no matter in what country. Allah mentions: Alif lam mim Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? if read life of sahaba prior to migration to Madinah, there has to be reason to go to Paradise, and we go through hard times in United States despite telling everyone that Islam is not the religion of violence That Islam is religion of love and friendship but unfortunately many don't understand the meaning of Islam I would like to ask you about educational back ground and studies if you could tell us My major was in the field of teaching Spanish/English, and Paramedics. After that I studies Roqia which is patient treatment by using Islamic medicine so your education was not in the field of religion? I did study one year in sharia Academy by famous jurist in USA by the name sheikh Salah Asawi One question is that for Iranian youth, USA is a dream or Europe but most the USA gets the attention to go and start a dream life that is imaginary To them Islam is back warded and they think it is only about prayer so for an educated graduate from USA such as you with Spanish major what is your opinion in this regard that Islam is back warded religion and not a modern religion Unfortunately those Iranian coming to USA thinking that it is the land of dream, as soon as they enter, they will go through hardships. There is no such thing that everyone find treasures as soon as they arrive. They will have a hard life, working in jobs that no anyone my do in Iran till they make it. But they have no peace of mind in their life. Those who think that Islam is back warded religion is because they don't know Islamic history The American Scientists are found of Islamic contribution to science during Muslim Spain or Abbasid Dynasty. Everything you see today from Physics, Chemistry etc are came from Islam. so without Islam , the world was living in dark ages and this is the ignorance of people unaware of technological contribution by Muslims to the world. Yes, like in the field of Medicine we got Ibn Sina, Abu Rayhan Biruni, all professions and inventions were Muslim scientist are known for it. There is a rumor that anyone who becomes a Suni from Shia, he becomes an enemy to family of Prophet like Fatima etc. Have you become an enemy to family of prophet? Its the exact opposite. The true suni is lover of Ahlu Bait. It is so weird when I hear people say that. Our prophet said it is upon you my suna and suna of rightly guided caliphs, and Ali is among them. He also said I am the knowledge and Ali is its gate and he also said that Hasan and Husein are the best youth of people of paradise. In reality every suni loves the family of prophet more than shias. we are the end of our program and if you would like to advice or pray please mention it it is very important that a person irregardless of his/her religion Muslim, Shia, Christian,etc to pray to Allah. The dear viewer who are watching got nothing to lose by saying Amen lets do a Billion Men prayer and say Amen Specially your excellency who is a young Tehranian grown up in USA, it is important to have this type of example from the heart of Iran giving advice about the True Islam I advice all the youth, everyone to pray to Allah, that "oh Lord , if this way of Suna, is the right path, guide me to it". Even if it is a christian, pray to your lord that if Islam is the true religion, guide me to it and Allah guided me to this way. Now lets all pray together and end the program

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شیعه هدایت یافته ابوبکر تهرانی

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