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Team Members At Dell's Taiwan Design Center Discuss The Culture

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Working at Dell is a very good experience to me. Dell supports innovation in many ways. I am really encouraged to realize my idea and I feel respected. I always get supported. The fun part is they are also a global company, which provides me opportunity to interact and communicate with people over the world. I really enjoy the benefits that Taiwan Design Center offers us. And in there we have clubs for various sports and activities, and my favorite is basketball club. I personally really enjoy playing basketball every Friday with my coworkers. And I think it's a great way to meet friends and make long-term relationships with coworkers. I joined Dell in 2013 as a college hire. I found Dell has a campus recruitment program for fresh graduates. So I submitted a resume in Dell's website and I got an interview with my manager after a few weeks. I started as a Program Manager ten years ago. I joined the company at the end of 2008. My career at Dell started as Junior Development Manager. I joined Dell in 2009 as a SMB Sales. Dell invites lots of resources and coordinates many training program for the college hire. And that also encourages to take the external training, and Dell is willing to pay the tuition. Besides Dell also has lots of internal training. When we joined the company we would be assigned one or two managers. The coach or the mentor helped us to understand the working culture at Dell, the required skill set, to preform at our work. In Dell every year the manager would talk to us about our work career plan. I really appreciate the company, and also the management team support employees career plan; and also help us to grow and give us the coaching. You can tell the people manager about what the difficulty you encounter, and then they will provide proper guidance to you. Or you just want to simply share your work experiences. And this one on one meeting is totally belong to you, and you can choose the topic you would like to talk. And I think this one on one meeting also helps people grow in many perspectives. We have three little kids at home so my wife is extremely busy at family stuff. Sometimes she would need my help. The company gives us the flexibility to choose when and where to finish your work. How do I balance my work and life? I would say Dell gives us the flexible working hour, and also a remote working opportunity. This gives me the chance to manage my personal thing and also work. I can, you know, allocate my time. Say I have an afternoon doctors appointment. I feel free to be able to go to that, and still, you know, finish my work at the same time. I meet lots of talented people here. So we can form a great team, work together, solve problems, and provide the best product to our customers. In my daily operation I need to work with people at India and the United States. With the diversity of the culture, and different types of communication, it becomes a fun part as well as enhance my international experience and communication skills. Recently we all went to paint-ball, and I think being able to enjoy outdoor activities as a team, it really brings you together. And when you need information or when you need someone else's help because that opportunity is going to come. And when that time comes and you say "Hey," you know, "can you give me a hand on this?" People are more willing to help you because you already have that established relationship; and I think that's really important in a successful work culture. Dell is much like a career to me instead of a job. In my five years working at Dell I feel like I was running my own business. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I work at Dell. Dell is really a great place to help us to build our career.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Nov 18, 2014

Team Members At Dell's Taiwan Design Center Discuss The Culture

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