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Bruce Lee - My Secret of Speed

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Desteni Presents: Interdimensional Portal Interview 2 Quantum Space and Time - Bruce Lee (um) This is Bruce Lee, and i am Here to Explain why and how thousands of Dimensional Beings, Fit into One Human Being, and whether there are any Influences, or Side Effects and whether there are, Specific Dimensional Beings - Assisting Specific Human Beings let's go to the First statement each Human Being is a Universe so, the entire Universe - fit into one Singular Human Physical Body as the Human Physical Body so in terms of Asking the Question: whether Thousands of Dimensional Beings, fit into One Physical Human Physical Body? and whether it Influences? that will be rather a Strange Question Regarding my First Statement: that the entire Universe is Fitting into, and as a Human Being what would that Mean? that all Human Beings and Dimensional Beings, the World, the Universe, the Planets, the Nature, the Animal Kingdom the World: Everything - is Within You as You and if you Look at you at the Moment, i am Certain you would say that No, it's not Influencing me it's Not but "It Is"! it's not from the Perspective of the Following: you are able to fit Thousands of Dimensional Beings, into one Physical Human Being it doesn't Change you, it Hasn't (instantly) but it Changes you and ... and Influences you from the Perspective of the Entire World as One - Here why do i say That? Each one of us in this World, and in the Universe and in the Dimensions: are You Equal and One with you and if you Look at the Manifestation of Everything in this World, and in the Dimensions - it is You! and that's the only way we are Able Change and to Direct Ourselves Effectively: as this World, and as the Universe: as One Together - is if we Start Directing ourselves Effectively what do i say(mean), when i say That? Human Being although you have Millions excuse me - Thousands of Dimensional Beings, Inside You they are Merely Supporting You, and they are working together as One and Equal all that you have to be Concerned about is: You because all that Really Exist is: You and that Concern is Currently who You Are? what you are Allowing and Accepting Within Yourself - which is Not a 'Who you Are'! which is your thoughts, and your emotions, and your feelings Human Beings it is not able to be, more simpler than that: that is All you are required to Focus: YOU! Until you Realize yourself as All as One as Equal, and then comes the Next Realization the Next Process, and the Next Experience of yourself so No - there are no Side Effects with Dimensional Beings, Inside you as You because they Are You! and you are Not Able to be Influenced you are Not Able to be Harmed you are Not Able to be Hurt, as who you are.. Though, the mind consciousness system inside you: as what you Believe yourself to be - as but your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings "That" of course is Able to have a Belief and an Idea of being Harmed, or Hurt or Influenced so, Don't be Concerned about the Thousands of Beings Inside you they are as much in the own Processes, as they are in yours - as You we are All into This Process together: as Equal and One and we are Bringing Everyone Together: as One and Equal Way Better to that as you are (Here) On Earth so as i've said: focus on your Breathing, Presence of Self as Self - no thoughts, no emotions, no feelings - Stop! just Stop and that is all the Dimensional Beings, are there to Assist you with - is to Stop the thoughts, Stop the emotions and Stop the feelings or Compound them, if Necessary so the system inside you, that you Believe yourself to be you - can Break Down so that you are Able to Realize Yourself and all Dimensional Beings in their Application, and Expression are Specific so in some Cases - Yes. there are Specific Dimensional Beings, in Specific Human Being in Other Cases it is not Necessary and they Allocate themselves, because they have Enough Trust inside themselves to see where they're Required, to Placed themselves this is Bruce Lee Enjoy you inside You and Remember: Focus on Yourself because Dimensional Beings, Earth, the Universe, Existence is You Thank you very much More messages from Recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 12, 2009

Bruce Lee talks about how thousand of Dimensional Beings fit into one Human body and how they assist beings realize Oneness and Equality as All Life and any Side Effects.

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