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Self-Driving Network™

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The vision of Digital Cohesion, with many services coming together and higher end user expectations, will require networks that are much more autonomous, adaptive and efficient. Advances in telemetry, automation and artificial intelligence are enabling an economically feasible Self-Driving Network. An autonomous network that's programmed to independently carry out your intentions. The Self-Driving Network eliminates the complex programming and management tasks required, today, to run your network. Autonomous networks will self-configure, self-monitor, self-manage, self-correct, self-defend, and self-analyze, all with very little human intervention. They will predict and resolve performance issues before users are affected. In these ways, the Self-Driving Network will eliminate burdensome operational tasks and free your IT staff to innovate. Operating costs will drop. Security, reliability and resilience will improve. And the speed of business will accelerate. Five technologies are essential to making the Self-Driving Network a reality. First, telemetry. We need to move to deep telemetry where information is streamed from the network, in real time, in a way that consumable by machines so that they can do the analysis. Second is automation. Getting to things like smarter auto-bandwidth that understands the difference between a DDoS attack and a popular video download, and taking appropriate action. Third is about intent-driven programming. The idea is to tell the network what you want to accomplish and let the network execute on the details of the implementation. Four is rules-based decision making, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that the network improves itself overtime but also adheres to certain absolute rules and boundaries. And last is having local and global views of the network and coordinating between the two, and zooming in and out where necessary. Juniper has invested substantially in the automation and programmability tools needed to build this foundation of the Self-Driving Network. We will continue to develop these capabilities and add new technologies to eventually deliver an autonomous network. Freed from the operational tasks, your team can spend more time innovating, moving your business forward.

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Self-Driving Network™

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