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Drive Angry (2011)

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[loud hi-performance engine] (Milton) Tell 'em - I'm comin'. You're too late. Hell's gonna walk the earth. [gunfire, explosion] (Milton) Hell already is walkin' the earth. [tires squealing on the dirt] (narrator) He broke out of hell... (narrator) make things right. He was a good father. He got mixed up with the wrong crowd. [gun] Click-click. (narrator) Now, he's got one last shot at redemption. [tires squeal] (Milton) That cult - killed my daughter, and took her baby. I am going to get her back. Thought you were dead. [laughs] You hoped I was dead. (narrator) But the Devil's right hand man... ...wants to bring him back. I'm looking for someone. 6'1, angry with attitude, If you don't tell me what I want to know, [Eels - "Souljacker"] ♪ 22 miles of hard road ♪ (Milton) Now that's a hell of a ride. (woman) Just so you know, I don't pick up hitchhikers. (Milton) I didn't have my thumb out. We got a fight comin'. That baby girl's all I got. My whole life has been nothin' but waitin'. And now, it means something. I'm with you until the end. [gun] Click-click. ♪ Aw yeah ♪ You can't stop me. [explosion] [laughing] I am going to kill you. Between now and then, I'm'a mess you up. (woman) What kinda gun is that? [loud gunshot] [crash] You think there's anybody in there? [crunch] I won't see you again until you're 73. You, I'll see in 3 months. What the hell does that mean? (narrator) Drive Angry - shot in 3D. Wouldn't want to be you when Satan finds out. [2 shots, tires squeal] What's he gonna do? Not let me back in? [Captions by]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: moviefone
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 25, 2010

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