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CeibalJam is an open source community of developers who are developing applications for the XO laptops in Uruguay. I am Gabriel Eirea and teaching faculty of the University of The Republic And I am one of the coordinators of the CeibalJam movement where we aim to promote the creation of applications or "activities" as they are called in the Sugar operating system, locally for Plan Ceibal. What motivates us is basically the concept of the appropriation of technology That is, with the large investment in these laptops which were distributed to all children in Uruguay, which has a very large potential, we want that potential to really be taken advantage of. To which we believe it is necessary that all of society appropriates technology particularly in the technology sector that they appropriate the technology and that it permits them to create local content adopted our own culture and the needs of our education system "EduBlog is an application that is online ... where every person can have his or her own journal Everyone can write their own entries and share them with all the other people and they can post photos and more. It is worldwide. Everything that has to do with technology comes here from other places. There is no concept of local development of technology Everything you see in technology, in computers, everything is imported developed elsewhere And arrives here basically in a black box ... where all the local technicians can do is train to repair and maintain the equipment. In the field of softare Well, yes there is a local software industry but ... there is still a lot of that mentality of importing the easy solutions, brought in by hand. And often times they do not adapt fully to our reality when they are developed in another cultural context, looking at other needs. So we think that, particularly in the field of education ... it is important to be able to adapt the technological tool - that is the XO laptop - to our needs and our culture We believe that the most important thing now is to have small, brief applications ... that are highly focused and concentrated on issues that teachers have to teach in their classrooms which are only used during short time periods. For a single class, or during one week for example, to take topics from the curriculum of primary school and well ... make specific applications. For example, one of the topics from math class fractions, let's say, and create some perfect applications that the teachers can use in that class. And in that way, designing small ... units are easier to carry out, to complete. Websites that are accessible allow any person with a disability to make a transaction on the site of a public organization or a private organization. When a site is accessible is designed in such a way that if I were blind, I have screen readers that ... are able to read the content. I can manage all the the procedures that I need online. For children, on websites and blogs and other sites where they are uploading content to be accessible enables those with disabilities to be able to use them. Otherwise, they will not be able to enter data or ... read or understood the information. Ultimately, using the web should be as normal as possible technology or have access to the same technology as all the other kids. Well, an example of an application in which I was involved ... is called "I Know Uruguay", which is a game of geography that basically is quite simple ... in its conception and its execution However, due to the lack of local content and that there is a great need to use something in the schools it has been spreading itself around schools spontaneously a lot of people have started using it many teachers, many children, and today LATU installs directly on the new machines ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ We now have interesting developments on the side of applications which are installed on the XO We have an application of the Chinese game "Go" a chess application with an educational focus There is a line of work we're going to see now games of "high performance" say which are programmed in "C" and some other developments that have to do with ... platforms for roll playing games adventure games that can be used in different contexts with a particular contents and there are also other interesting applications that are developed on the web where, for example, another application that has also been very successful is EduBlog. Is a system based on Moodle to create ... blogs. It is easy to use for children. And with a moderation system built in for teachers. It has been one of the projects that was born in this community and then has had interest from LATU and the education authorities to provide for its development and its use ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ CeibalJam

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Posted by: oso on Jun 1, 2009

CeibalJam is a group of open source programmers from Uruguay that meet to develop applications for the XO lapotp.

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