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Drag to New Sequence Function in Premiere Pro

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[whirring] [ADOBE® TV PRESENTS] [SHORT AND SUITE] [mechanical clunking] [JASON LEVINE] [clunking continues] [KARL SOULE] [clunking continues] [whirring] [SHORT AND SUITE - ON THE ROAD WITH JASON AND KARL] Hi there. Thanks for tuning in to Short and Suite. You know, I get a lot of questions from new users especially about which Timeline sequence to choose when they start a new project. When you come into Premiere and you start off and you create a new Timeline sequence, you're immediately given this just wide range of options here. You may have some idea based on what camera you shoot with, but then you have to know the exact resolution and frame rate. Today's cameras typically shoot multiple resolutions, multiple frame rates, and so choosing the right sequence can be a bit of a task sometimes. You have to go back to your source footage, you have to look at how Premiere reads your source footage then go back in and choose your preset. [sighs] So we tried to make it a little bit easier. There's now a function that enables me to come in and once I've got some footage loaded up in my Project bin, all I have to do to choose a Timeline sequence that matches this footage is to just take this, drag it right over the New Sequence button at the bottom of the Project bin, and when I let this go, it'll actually create a new sequence for me. By default, it'll name the sequence after that particular clip, but you can very easily come in here and just rename it whatever you want it to be. And now this Timeline sequence, the resolution, the frame rate, they all match. So that's going to give me the best editing experience. I want to make sure my Timeline sequence matches my source footage in most circumstances. So there you have it, Drag to New Sequence, a great little hidden feature inside of Premiere Pro. It can save you a lot of time. Thanks for watching. [Executive Producer - Bob Donlon] [Producer - Karl Miller] [Director - Kush Amerasinghe] [Post Production - Erik Espera] [ADOBE® TV PRODUCTIONS -]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 7, 2010

Ever had some footage, and weren’t sure which timeline preset to use? Now, there’s an easy trick to get started editing natively.

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