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Self Evaluation 2: Is My Passion Hot?

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Self Evaluation 2: Is My Passion Hot? Second self evaluation question... I love this one. Is my passion hot? Romans 12:11 says never be lacking in zeal. I did a 6 month research investigation one time on what I called 'the power of inspiration.' Did you know that if you take two employees in the same company, one of them is inspired in their work, the other one is not. Do you know what the performance differential is between those two employees? As much as 40%. So the person who comes to work inspired and stays inspired all day works 40% more effectively than someone who is just doing their job. So when I learned that there is a 40% performance differential, then I had to ask the big question. How do you keep your staff and your people inspired then if there is a 40% differential. Wow! Wouldn't that be something if you could access that additional 40% with everyone you lead. Then I had to study what is the best way to keep people inspired. Guess what I was to learn. It is not by giving more money or a new title or a bigger office or more vacation time. The research shows this conclusively. The best thing you can do to inspire church people, your staff, your business colleagues is for you to come to work every day inspired yourself. Inspiration is caught. Inspiration is a feeling. Inspiration gets pushed into the people around you when they see it in you day after day after day. Everyone looks at the inspiration level of the leader. Romans 12:11 says never be lacking in zeal. Leaders, we have to be inspired consistently so that people under us will stay inspired consistently. Here is the big question, who's job is it to keep you inspired? You think it is a trick question, don't you. Who's job is it to keep you inspired? It is your job. Part of self leadership is to realize that if I am going to lead myself well I have to keep myself inspired. How many of you got a little inspiration so far at this conference? I am not saying this carelessly. If conferences like this one inspire you and if you need to be more inspired, you cannot miss conferences like this. You have to do whatever it takes to keep yourself inspired. I have to be around some inspiring people. I have to read inspiring books. I have to go to inspiring events. I have this all worked out in my life. If I feel as if I am not really passionate a leader anymore, I think, "It is not my team's fault. It is not the elder's fault. It is my job to keep myself passionate because my passion will lift the inspiration level of everyone I come into contact with. Yes, do you believe this?

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Posted by: landsm on Jun 20, 2014

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