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We've presented a lot of material in this film, which will give your young puppy the building blocks for a great life. But good rearing and socialization is just the beginning. In order to reap the benefits of good rearing and early socialization, you'll still need to get your puppy out and continue to expose him to positive experiences as he matures into adulthood. We hope you'll enjoy enriching adventures with your dog for your entire life together. But in our observation, it's particularly important to make sure that that puppy has as many enriching experiences as possible through 18 months old. Again in our observation, most dogs will not achieve stable emotional maturity until about three years old, so it is important to make an effort to keep their experiences positive during those early, impressionable years. Given all this, you have to ask yourself, while the rearing and socialization we show in this film looks like a lot of fun, does any of it really matter? Will doing these things in the first 12 weeks of life really change outcomes for puppies and their owners? After all, we all know dogs who are raised under the most abominable conditions, never socialized, even abused, who turned out to be the most loving, outgoing, docile companions. Conversely, we also all know people who did all the right things with their puppies at a young age, yet still, the puppy grew up to be aggressive, shy, or neurotic. Knowing all this, we have to ask again, can we really make a difference? You have to realize that every living creature is born with certain genetic material, and you're always working within those parameters. What people fail to see is that the abused dog who turned out to be a loving companion might have been an even happier pet had he had a better start in life. The dog who doesn't do well at the dog park might have been downright dog-aggressive if he had not been exposed to many friendly dogs as a puppy. So although you may not wind up with the result you had hoped for, the result with training and socialization is always going to be better than the result with no training and socialization. There's no rearing and socialization protocol that's going to guarantee that your puppy will turn out the way you want him to. But for the vast majority of dogs, if you do the right things in the critical first 12 weeks, the dog will turn out wonderfully. And if you don't, you'll have a problem on your hands. Take that to heart when you're training and socializing your young puppy, and know that for that one small life, you're doing the greatest thing in the world, and truly making a difference. Puppy? Hi. This is the one I want. Yeah. He's a good dog. This is the one I want. He's a good puppy. He's not afraid of anything. Not afraid of anything. Cute. OK, we're done. Oh, good boy, Primo. Good job. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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