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NANO Class 6 : rav_berg_moshe_rabeinu_1994_edit_20140304_eng

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RAV BERG - Death Anniversary of Moshe Rabeinu 1994 {.....Hebrew.....} And so we learn {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} Who can reveal that which was included in Yesod? Yesod is, as we know, in the realm of Etz HaChayim. It is not in the realm of {.....Hebrew.....} Not in the realm of the rational, not in the realm of the physical. It is called Yesod. It gives it that name as a connotation. {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} That which Rabbi Shimon revealed Moshe did not reveal because the time had not come. {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} But what Moses did reveal was the 50th gate. The 50th gate which is Binah. And we know that the code word of Binah means the energy store. The place where we hope to draw the energy from. Because it is only Binah that we can make this connection to fulfill all of our needs, all of our desires, only through this connection with Sha'ar Chamishim. {.....Hebrew.....} And although everything was revealed through Moshe, {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} But at the time when God said, 'Moses, now you got to be upstairs with Me, together.' {.....Hebrew.....} And now that Moses will become concealed from the people. Notice the word of the Zohar. Concealed. {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} In that day that he revealed was the day that he left this world. {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} Because in that day, he became connected, says the Zohar, with Sha'ar HaNun. This day, the day that Moses left, he became connected to the 50th gate, the gate of Binah. {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} "His days drew me in." "Drew me in to what?" says the Zohar. {.....Hebrew.....} This day that Moses left, {.....Hebrew.....} is the day that he made this physical connection and at that moment, simultaneously, having made that physical connection to the 50th gate, that moment, he left. And, therefore, for us today, for us at this moment, that we have the benefit of the Zohar, reading of the Zohar, taking advantage, and we should take advantage of this opportunity that we have to connect to the energy store. {.....Hebrew.....} Because we have learned from Rabbi Shimon, Moshe, {.....Hebrew.....} Now why do we make this connection to him? Because he did not die. Had Moses died, like normal human beings, after they are dead, who will ever know that they existed? How many people have gone throughout the centuries, thousands of years, who remembers them? How many are remembered? So few. We mentioned a few. Yosef HaTzadik, Rabbi Shimon, the Ari HaKadosh, because they have died. But Moses, Moses did not die. Moses just had a curtain placed between ourselves and Moses. And therefore, on an evening, like this evening, that we gather together to make this connection through the reading of the Zohar, the Seudah, that we are in the midst of, so that we can support each other, even those who may not have the capability because it is difficult for them to leave the cesspool, and it is difficult for some of us to leave that cesspool. All our lives we have lived in a cesspool. Now we come tonight and "Here we are, Moses, ready to make the connection." Can you imagine being full and being swamped with the cesspool and now coming to Moses and say, "Moses, I want to connect with you." But that is why we make a Seudah. For those of us, maybe, who have been making an attempt, and by the way, that makes the difference. Moses is there for anyone who makes the attempt to remove the clothing of a cesspool. Whether we have achieved that or not is not as important as the fact that we are making an effort, and, hopefully, this evening, that is where our heads are. If our heads are not there, and we are still going to walk out of this room, out of this synagogue, and walk back into the world of cesspool, forget about it. Then, Moses says, 'Look, you want to drag me into the cesspool with you? Do you really want me to come with you into your cesspool?' Therefore, if we say, "Moses, tonight," and we have to accept that responsibility. We are not playing games with Moses. We are not playing games with the world of metaphysics. You cannot play games. Because they know the truth. They know where our heads are. And if our heads are clished with a feeling, and with a consciousness "Had enough; enough with that garbage. Enough! Now I am going to, at least, make an effort to begin to remove the layers of that excess baggage that I have been carrying on my back." And now make the connection that Moses did not die. Moses, physically, is here. But we do not want to contaminate Moses. And therefore, we make the Seudah. So those of us who no longer live in the cesspool, are going to try to share this connection. All of those of us, we know, and we are the only ones you answer to is to yourself, this is not a question of being judgmental, who is it still in the cesspool, who is not in the cesspool. That is not the objective. What is important is that at least those who do not live in the cesspool are consciously like Moses, prepared to share their connection. But I repeat, again, for those of us, who tonight want to shed the evil aspect of ourselves, the Ayin Hara that we have for others, the jealousy we have for others. If we make no attempt to remove it, then the curtain remains an eternal barrier. You cannot make that connection. And do not expect things to change. They cannot change, but we can remove that barrier, that curtain that separates us from Moses. Because Moses did not die. Moses is here. And as it says, on that night, Moses, this night, Moses made the connection to the Sha'ar HaNun. He made the connection to the 50th gate. The 50th gate, as we know is Binah. The 50th gate, as we know, that we hope to achieve on Yom Kippur. Because if we do not achieve the 50th gate on Yom Kippurim, then we do not have the energy to continue a lifespan of another year. So this evening, again, we have another opportunity to make this connection to Sha'ar HaNun. But where is he? He is not here. The fact that he is not here merely refers to this curtain. But for us, this curtain does not exist. It only exist for those who consider "that which I do not see" as "not having," or "does not exist." But if we do not recognize the fact that a curtain says and determines that which is on the other side of the curtain, does not exist, then, it exists for us. And the curtain does not exist for us. Because whatever is in the mind, is what determines what is. That is even scientifically supported today. What you decide in your mind, and when I say what you decide, I am saying beyond any doubts of conviction. The moment you have doubts, you are lost. The fact that the physical eye does not see Moses at this moment, for us that is no different than the curtain that says the screen is not here, and we say, no, we do not believe in the power of Satan's curtain. We do not believe in that power. {.....Hebrew.....} From the point of view of the Tzaddikim {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....}. Because by all of the Tzaddikim, it says, "and they were gathered." {.....Hebrew.....} They were gathered onto their forefathers. What do you mean they were gathered? You just say they died. What do you mean they were gathered? As we experience this world with all of its limitations, when it says "Moses was gathered, and left," what it is implying is that he had reached an additional level of consciousness. And tonight, says the Zohar, that Moses reached the 50th gate which is Binah, the energy store. {.....Hebrew.....} Because we learn {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} Whoever is {.....Hebrew.....}, and this is the only prerequisite, unfortunately, we are all assembled here, and we want to make this connection, this great opportunity, connect to the energy store! For us this evening, if we can bring our consciousness, and it is not difficult for us at this moment to say, "I do not want the baggage that I know, unfortunately, I have a difficult time in discarding." But at this moment in time, this moment that we can make this connection, because Moses is here. Moses is here with us, then for those people, for those of us, who can, at this moment, right now, here and now, discard our baggage, our hatred, our intolerance, our evil inclinations, discard it for the moment. {.....Hebrew.....} And then for these people, Moses did not die. {.....Hebrew.....} Just like as it is mentioned in Yaakov, {.....Hebrew.....} Because in Yaakov, he achieved Shlemut. What is Shlemut? Shlemut is the opposite of what is Emuna. Most people think Emuna means 'belief.' No. Emuna means certainty, from the word 'Amen.' Where this world, this world of Malchut becomes connected with the world of Etz HaChayim. Etz HaChayim, there is no doubts, there is no uncertainty. And as I mentioned on Shabbat, doubts is a stupid luxury. Doubt is a luxury we cannot afford. Doubt is an ego trip; "Ah, I am not convinced." When you are not convinced, you are in effect saying, "I have now been totally consumed by Satan." Because the only area where Satan consciousness does not reign or rule is in certainty. And the minute you say, "Well, do not pull that over me, I am too smart for it. I have my doubts." It is a luxury we cannot afford. Because you are placing yourself into the uncertainty realm of Satan. We cannot achieve Techiyat HaMetim. Techiyat HaMetim will not come because one man says "I have arrived, and now we have Mashiach, Techiyat HaMetim." We are responsible for His not coming, Chas V'Shalom, and B'Ezrat Hashem, with this new idea of what Rabbi Shimon is trying to impress us with, that when you have Shlemut, when you have certainty in your mind for all the evil reasons, for all the bad reasons, but a Certainty Individual is no longer in the clutches of Satan. For whatever reason, he may find himself in the world of certainty. Therefore, in Parashat Beshalach, when Moses went up on the mountain, and he had Aaron and Chur lifting his hands to fight Amalek. The literal translation of Amalek is what? Oh, it was another nation that waged war against the Jew, and he was defeated, when he raised his arms, when his arms went down, then Amalek became stronger. But what does that mean? And therefore they held his arms up and now he was defeated. And says now, always remember in the future the war of Amalek. That is our enemy. Not "the enemy is that you do not keep Shabbat," not "the enemy is that you steal." Not "the enemy is.." what? All the other Mitzvot. No. There is one enemy. All the Mitzvot are only what? A methodology. By which we can achieve certainty. But the objective is certainty. Do not get hung up in the Mitzvot. Am I telling you do not do Mitzvot? No, I am not telling you that. What I am saying, is Mitzvot is a trap, too. Satan uses the Mitzvot for a trap, making you understand that the whole objective was, "Now I keep Shabbat, I have arrived." My friends, these Mitzvot are only pathways to an objective, and what is that objective? Says the Zohar, Shlemut. Certainty, to stay outside the clutches of uncertainty, designated by Satan. The only one they failed to make the connection with, everything they were sure about, every Mitzvah they will keep, but they did not have one consciousness. The idea that the Mitzvot was only a pathway, the Mitzvot were not the objective. The objective is to achieve certainty. Because only then, says the Zohar, then you know you are in good company. Because of this concept of connecting with Moshe, we can literally experience tonight Techiyat HaMetim, that we do not know, nobody knows whose moment is up. Who knows? But tonight, we can connect with that power, the power of the 50th gate. The 50th gate, where we learned previously, that because Moses had achieved and came in contact with the 50th gate, he did not die. He just disappeared from the scene. Only for those who, like tonight, we understand that he is here, that he did not die and therefore we can make that connection and realize a personal Techiyat HaMetim in our own lives, Amen.

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