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OK. Well...then the question is, do we find that tempo and start there? - I had that as we always end up going faster, then. - Yeah. - The tempo from last night was...? - The tempo from yesterday was basically 1:21, 1:22. That was 1:26. In rehearsal it tended to be 1:23, 1:24 1:24 is pretty solid. You know, when you guys found the groove and it was locking, it was, like, that was... All right, well...let's reference that, though. But...but again, the count-in is 1:10, so it may sound a little funny fast off the top, from...if you hear the count-in. You know what I'm saying? Right. But just so I'm saying when you hear the click, just think of the riff instead of... So the way the demo's built, the intro's faster... than the song, or are they pretty much the same? The intro actually was a little bit faster. It was 1:26. - To me there's kind of three parts in the demo. - Yeah, there are. There's the top bit, you know... ..and then there's the... Which is supposed to be faster, but actually sounds kinda cool. And the demo is 1:28 right at the intro, and then when it comes into the heavy stuff, it's 1:26. Then it goes right down to 1:19, and it's down a bit there. And then it picks up again, to get into the actual verse, and the riff. - 1:25. - OK... So, in the intro again is riffs? - 1:28, right off the top. - Yeah. I think that feels better, faster. - Uh-huh. And then that's actually where the verse ended, so...on the demo. - Well, I think if we just go out there and get used to playing the verse feel on the that what it is? - Yeah. 1:24. 1:24 is probably best, yeah. Just start off with that feel, you know? And then...go back. - And then start, you know... - Mm-hm. ..with the intro click, and then hopefully we can nail the feel. 'Cause I would like to be able to push.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 25, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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