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ICANN, Baher Esmat

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My name and language on the Internet My name is Baher Esmat I work for Internet names and specific numbers known as ICANN ICANN is an non-profit organization It’s primary role is technical coordination for matters relating to names Of top domain levels Known as internet Top-Lan and Domains As well as numbers and Internet addresses Known as IP ICANN performs the role of coordinator through what is known as “internet Society” The internet society includes different groups and views From artists and government views To private companies and views of academic communities and private sectors and others As well as consumers and what we call End users of the internet and the Internet user So ICANN operates through these different groups on developing private policies for top domain names and IP and internet distribution or internet addresses To talk about top-level domain names We are talking about two important things in the internet It is possible in the last two years their subject is connected to international domain names or what we call “Internationalized domain names or IDNs” The other important thing is opening the door for new domain names And New GTITs Both of those two subjects are Connected in reality And it is possible they both are important to the internet society in general And societies that speak different languages other than the English language in particular It is possible that we, I mean, in the Arabic communities may find the use of the internet in Arabic language very benificial There may be a chance to use the same domain in Arabic And the IDNs are trying it right now On the root servers of the internet And I encourage those who are interested in this subject to enter and try it and to participate in this experiment By signing on the IDN WIKI And the web site name is: IDN.ICANN.ORG So it may be useful To consider and explore the views Of different people who participate If this experiment takes place In eleven different languages Including Arabic Language So I think it is useful For you to take and participate in this experiment and send us your feedback The subject of new domain names is also one of the important subjects Because, as you may know now, there are Approximately around 20 domain names on the internet Such as, dot com and dot net And other domain names So by opening the door for new Domain names We will help, in reality, opening the field of competition because of diversity in top domains that will open a room for choice Because he will remain the end-user who is registered under a domain name And will have more choices in what he wants to register under dot com or whatever he wishes. Top domain names will still have Freedom of choice as well as having the opportunity to create new innovations and new opportunities That is, new business opportunitites where people can, through it, create and work on new things

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Posted by: icann on Sep 14, 2009

Regional relations manager for the Middle East for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Baher Esmat, talks out the organization and its work.

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