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MyKabbalah Lesson 3 mission 1 Engsmall

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Lesson No. 3 Who Or What Is The Opponent? - Welcome back. My name is Yehuda, and in level three we're going to learn about the universal force which is blocking all of us from achieving true and lasting fulfillment in this game we called life. In our previous level, we learned about the idea of Tikkun which is my soul's correction and my soul's journey through this life. It's about transforming all of those aspects of myself that I would like to change as well as taking all the gifts that I have and sharing them with the world. We learned that our life is like a movie, we're the director we are the main character and a light is producing the show. Every challenge in my life is specifically designed for me to get me to be the best version of myself and to bring me more and lasting fulfillment. We also began to build the proactive formula and in this lesson, we're going to continue building this formula so we have a great way to overcome any challenge we experience in life. Now, earlier I mentioned that this is 'The Game of Life'. So let's play a little game. I'd like for you to imagine yourselves with a big barrel in front of you, maybe about a meter away. You have a small coin in your hand and the purpose of the game is to toss it right into the barrel. Sounds fun, no? Not really, mostly because there's no challenge. What do you think we could do to make this game a little bit more challenging? We could blindfold ourselves, we could maybe throw it in backward make the target smaller, make it even further away. There are many ways in which we can make this more challenging and therefore, more fun. Video games work the same way. When you play a video game, every level that you progress through becomes slightly more challenging and slightly more difficult and that's where the fun is. So let me ask you a question, if that's true, why is it that in our life we're always looking for things to be less challenging, less difficult? And the truth is, we're actually not. In a video game the reason why we look for more difficulty as we progress through the game is because we understand how the game works and therefore we want a bigger challenge. In life if we don't understand the rules of the game and all of the players in it things become challenging without any way for us to overcome them. That's what the wisdom of Kabbalah is all about. And the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that in this life we have a force called the opponent. The opponent is an energy intelligence, a force which was created by The Light, to be that challenge for each and every one of us. It's the voice that whispers in our ear and gives us a sense of immediate gratification, it wants us to run to be reactive constantly. This is the challenge that we are provided with in life. And if we can overcome the challenge, if we can begin listening to our soul instead of the opponent then we can achieve real and lasting fulfillment. The question is how do we do this? How can we begin to recognize the voice of the opponent? So I'll give you a small task. Take a few minutes and write down for yourselves three things that you know are good for you but you don't do them anyways, and three things that you know are bad for you and yet you still do them no matter what. This is the key to beginning to identify our opponent and in the next mission, we'll learn what we do with them. See you there. The Kabbalah Centre Practical Ancient Wisdom.

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