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I was visiting a church recently and the greeters at the door, instead of having suits and ties on they had teeshirts on and the teeshirts said, No perfect people allowed.' And I thought, isn't that the right message? Right, as folks are coming in we say as a church, 'Everybody is welcome here, as long as you know you don't have everything together. That this whole story is about imperfect people falling in love with a perfect God, who are healing from ourselves and from the sin of our world, and that's why I like Peter so much. Peter was not perfect. Peter was one who was ambitious and passionate but he's far from perfect. He's always speaking out, but he's not always right. He wants to walk on water, he wants to follow Jesus, and yet when the soldiers come to get Jesus he picks up a sword and cuts off one of their ears. I mean this is Peter, the one who heard the Sermon on the Mount live, from the man himself, and he still does not quite understand this love, he still has a propensity to violence, he picks up a weapon to cut this guy's ear off. So Jesus scolds him and says, 'No, put your sword back you still don't get it' – he says, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. And then Jesus heals the wounded persecutor, this man that Peter injured, he puts the ear back on and he heals him and I think, that was a good lesson for Peter. It was a good lesson in humility as well. And if you imagine later, you know, when Peter is handed the keys to the church from Jesus, if he ever began to think too highly of himself and he's like, I'm the rock of the church,' I'm sure the disciples would be like, 'Remember when you cut that guy's ear off? That was stupid, man.' It's like, even in the midst of people like Peter and you and me, that aren't perfect, God can work, right? St John of the Cross said, 'It's the cracks that let the light come in.' The brokenness of our lives, our honesty with our own contradictions and struggles are part of what allows the Spirit to move through us. So I look at the disciples of Jesus and they weren't perfect. Thomas doubted. Judas betrayed Jesus, a tragic story that ends with him killing himself. These are Jesus's closest friends, right? Peter denies Jesus, not once but again and again. But eventually he keeps falling in love with Jesus, he keeps following forward, and he ends up sacrificing his life, he dies upside down on a cross for the one who died on a cross for him. So this is a story of imperfect people. And one of my friends said, 'Maybe we got the translation wrong with Peter, you know, we say, “Peter, the rock of the church”, but maybe we should say, “Peter, you're dumb as a rock, but I'm still building my church on you.”' Because this story is not about how good we are, but it's how good God is. And God works through broken vessels. And I like how Bono over there, Bono the great theologian, the singer of U2, he said, The fact that the Bible's full of messed-up people used to disturb me. But now I find it a great source of comfort.' So that's one of the things we can take from Peter, that even in the midst of our imperfections, like God works through us. And we continue to follow Jesus and to try to become more like him, and together as a church, through praying and following Jesus, we help each other become more like Jesus. So one of my friends said, 'The church is full of hypocrites.' And I said, 'No it's not. We've always got room for more.'

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