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Medcezir 29 part 6 english subs

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Translation by Did you stayed on your shoulders to follow that guy? bro I swear that I didn't have a bad intention i don't concern to your intention, you went and went. It's over but look due to that we know that he have a man outside Mr Serez like that, he have a correlation , now i'm sure we shall to search in this Does it stand on your shoulders to search in this? Do we leave his prosecuted? I will care, you will stay out of it Look I will say it again, I don't want to open another thing on our heads Okay bro, don't worry You will be carful , and you will not get around alone out of Altinköy what is our relation in that dad ? We are now in a hard period and I don't want to our concentration to get distracted What is this? Bro today I went to Tozuldere Don't get angry immediately my mom had a signature that she payed the rent and I gave it to the house honor and that was the man from from orkun's company they are giving it to the Residents of the neighborhood and I took one They are saying to prepare the retainer during 3 days they are giving commission to orkun's company and the right is to his lawyer that mean normal procedures It's like that, but they are giving the validity of the extruder too what is the extruder ? that's means the company will take the validity of the sale and purchase in the name of population and the company can take that money in this authority It means they are cheating? if it's not like that , it's a clear situation to the exploit he is Orkuniç sure he is who is thinking in this for sure if Orkun thinking in this so the company thought too Bro, then we should warning the people then you should not enter your nose in this thing sirs the food is ready I will look on my brother First you will eat after you will go. We will sit together on that table someone is watching us my Yaman it's like this from now , my eyes on you my son Okay bro , as you want Hello, what did you do Burak? Isn't very bomb? Don't do that, poor the kids I'll close now, Buran have greeting good, greet him too Let's found out, what's happening here? What are you doing? take it away! What are you doing - come on, come on Don't do this, you're embarrassing us Before sitting hand in hand, face at face, you should have thought of it There is nothing like that, we were sitting normal Okay.... What is this? Burak you will delete this immediately Unfortunately from now, very late Everybody is even on the way I can't believe you guys! So you are you going out? Whats with that? say the truth happily Okay, okay, close this We're going out, okay right? Confession came, bomba! Those next to us is Yamans new friends Look at Yaman Did you get the picture? it came, came, craving comic! Now look at the background Who is there? one minute, wait yes Ayse and Leyla I got very confused, are they there? I also lost my mind, I'm going now, come there too okay, okay, I'm also coming now excuse me, I'll from now get up but if you don't get up, I'll be happy but dear dad But my life we planned this night together. You wanted it please let us finish eating together, can it be? For me, don't force it dear Baris, her friends are waiting no, no, tonight we're celebrating. Please, let us be together. Okay, I'm sitting down Mom I'm going out, the kids are waiting in the cafeteria Okay See you my sweety See you Mom you are ready, why haven't you gone yet? I mean what are you waiting for? yes right...what am I waiting for? Where? The club Hello Where are you going like that? Eda and them are at the cafeteria I'm going to them But isn't it shame? at least you don't goes under that . The message that Bugra sent was received to Mert and me no darling , nothing will happen . They will not take in this thing and it will be a funny thing to us You can come too , let's we go together I'll see my brother Come, you can see him later We can even spend a little time together Okay come on Will you go to the company? I don’t know, I really don’y want to see my dad face so much until the result comes out. I told you did wrong in this subject At least he won’t get the wrong paper from his daughter This paper won't show anything Hello Watch out for yourself, lawyer. Watch out for yourself and watch out for your family who are you? Its for your own good I’ll annoy you, I’ll see you, actually you should be afraid of me animal, you be afraid of me! look at this unrespectful people Is he threatening you? ’ll put record in the phone tomorrow, who ever calls it will be showed Brother hasan, have you looked clear fully that there is nobody watching and no cameras? I told you I watched it Will they understand it's Kenan? Don't worry They will found it out through the phone calls It’s close to Altinköy and even the restrung It’s better than treating sir Kenan with my finger They will found out who planned the accident Let's see Tell Giray he can be in mood, the debt is over. can we have the bill of course lady from the beginning I will pay no , not to this extent I swear , you are my guest Don't delirious my daughter , at least let it be a German way well okay hey, dear runaways , congratulations runaways darling you will start silly you want that , you shouldn't hide it forgive us, I came in this way, I know that it's a shame but I couldn't hear her advice come on bro , Do not differentiate it if one plus or minus Day comes and goes decade oh god beware , there is nothing from that thing when we are eating together Ayse how are you ? Fine mrs. Mira ahh Leyla , right ? Yes Hello When mr.Faruk said that he will not come this evening so I said to myself to go out You did good Hey I am getting out in front o you in every place It is like that when I saw your friends I said "I wonder" when I couldn't see you The girl is Mira's helper but who's that with her ? Is it not that in her side Who? Her friend when did you came ? Last night so don't let me cut your conversation, have a good appetite good evening If you want we can go No darling what relations the team is complete is something fallen on her head ? don't make me laugh , it's ok I don't care in their atmosphere can I take iced tea ? Thank you This pleasure is very beautiful, don't break it, please yep my dessert was good now when you go home you are tried you will probably watch tv Okay, come on go Hurray! Thank you very much! Wonderful dinner, good that we came. We're thanking you sweetie see you Mrs Sude what is this beauty My dear you're beautiful I'm going to Mira and them now Thank you, it's very beautiful Will you say something bye bye then Okay dear, say hello Mr Asim good evening Bon appetite Please be comfortable It's became a pleasant suprise for me too I came to say hello to Mr Faruk Again, good evening Sude sit down No my friends are waiting When I found out you were here, I wanted to say hello As you want Have a nice day Dear Faruk I can company you till the door You have always been sweet actually Thank you dear Faruk The woman next to him can't be you, Sude this is want I wanted to tell you I've never stand next to someone, i'm don't that woman Faruk the people wants to stand next to me or they they can't stand me You know this thing better than anyone Come on, don't leave your lover alone any more Translation by

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