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Le Port du Voile (The Wearing of the Veil)

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Wearing the Veil A women doesn't veil herself as a simple choice, it's Islam that imposes it. It's not a optional piece of clothing that you can wear when you want. Wearing the veil is a recommendation a woman should wear the veil. It's both decent and good, and it commands respect. It's something that I found here, and that my religion obliges me to do. It's an obligation for Muslims and that's why I have adopted it and I like it, I don't see anything bad in it. It's decent and it's very pretty. Certain girls wear it to bluff their parents, to gain their trust and to have their freedom. For others, it's just an esthetic choice, without any conviction. And there are those who have abandoned the veil, and that is not good. They let themselves be influenced by other women, to wear their hair differently and to dress differently. That is how some abandon the veil. Why do you wear loose, long clothing instead of tight pants and a more flirtatious hairstyle? I wear the veil, and it's not only that you cover your head. You must also dress decently. Showing off your body is not compatible with wearing the veil. Certain parts of my body are visible, because I am constrained by my work. But when I finish working, I dress as I should, well covered. Does it mean a woman is indecent if she doesn't wear the veil? No. There are those that don't wear the veil but who wear decent clothing, that is sufficiently long to cover them. What do you say to the girls that wear the veil, which it is a religious recommendation, and who are doing it for other reasons that devalue the veil? That they should stop what they are doing, because it's banned by God and the Prophet. What they are doing is dishonorable to those that wear the veil for religious convictions. They are ridiculing them. They should stop if they really don't want to wear the veil. Or even if it's for lack of hair, for interest or to protect themselves, they should stop because it's not good.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 8 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Senegal
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan Senegal, Senegalese Youth
Director: Senegalese Youth
Views: 111
Posted by: lraftree on Dec 8, 2008

What does it mean if a woman wears a veil? What are some of the conversations around the wearing of the veil?

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