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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 1 Block 2

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You are going to be disgusting the eating customs and daily scedule of both MEXICO and of ESPANA in both countires adults at work usally have at least two hours for lunch during the day, they can go home for the big meal or relax and take a SIESTA or nap after eating Especially in ESPANA many of the stores and small businesses close from about 1:30 to 4:00pm. Because of that most adults must stay at work from approximately 8:00pm in the evening Children usually start school early around 7:00 or 8:00am so they can be done in time to go home for lunch around 2:00pm or they may have split seasons where one group goes to school in the morning and one group goes to school in the afternoon In MEXICO generally speaking the many things with LIMON and CHILE. They love spicy food and always have a spicy SALSA on the table for ever meal. They also eat a lot of fresh fruit in MEXICO like MANGO PAPAYA GUAYABA or guaba in English and PINA pineapple shown here in the grocery store covered in CHILE powder. Yes they like CHILE so much they actually often sprinkle it right on their fruits They also eat a sweet tropical fruit called GUANDBANA it has a green prickle outside and a soft white inside filled with small black seeds GUANDBANA is called sour sap in English In terms of vocabulary it is important to know in MEXICO TORTAS are a very popular kind of sandwhich. There always served on a large roll like you see here. Their usually served hot and you can have your TORTA filled with a virarity of different meats We will now be disgust a few key facts of food in ESPANA. Generally speaking in ESPANA they do not eat a lot of spicy food. However since most of ESPANA is near water they do eat a lot of seafood even SARDENS Barbecue SARDINAS being one of thier favorites It is also important to know a interesting vocabulary difference instead of PAPAS potatos are called PATATAS. and french fries are called PAPATAS FRITAS As you can see from the signs in ESPANA sandwhiches are called BOCADILLOS or BOCATAS

There made using long rolls. SERRANO is a very popular BOCADILLO DE JAMON SERRANO. JAMON SANERO is a salty carrot ham that will be disgusted more later on. Before disgusting the specifics on each indivudal meal in both MEXICO and ESPANA it is a essential to describe some of the more common food found in each country. So you will be familiar with them when they apper later

Although I will be highligting foods that are unique to each country. I would like to start with a DELICIOSO foods they have in common CHURROS deep fried bread dough

In MEXICO CHURROS are only served in the afternoon or evening

this CURRO stand only charges one paso each or about 10 American cents here you can see the bread dough coming out of the machine and droping in strips into the oil, the strips of bread dough are fried untill it reaches a golden brown and than sprinkled with surgar a very yummy treat in SPAIN CHURROS are usually made a little differently the bread comes out a machine into a large vat of oil and is made into one long spiral after the spiral is cooked it is cut up into indicidual pieces and usually served with CHOCOLATE a nice thick hot chocolate drink in SPAIN you can not get CHURROS in the afternoon they are only served for breakfast. Between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. as shown on the sign deep fried bread dough diped into hot chocolate is not the healthiest of breakfast but it sure tastes good In MEXICO TORTILLAS are available at every meal, this very thin flat bread resembling a pancake is usally made out of corn flower in MEXICO but it could also be made from wheat flower They are made by placing balls of dough onto a TORTILLA press like you see here The press flatens the dough and the TORTILLAS are than cooked quickly on the grill and eaten fresh or to make tocos or QUESADILLAS which you will discuss shortley again this flat round bread is called a TORTILLA

MEXICANS also enjoy SOPA DE TORTILLA which is a tomate based soup is served with fried TORTILLA and of course CHILE However the soup is not spicy as long as you don't eat the CHILE itself CHILE QUILES are also a breakfast food made from fried TORTILLA. cheese, tomate, Onion and CHILE.CHILE QUILES can be served by red salsa Or green salsa depending on the CHILE used and may or may not have fried egg on top CHILE RELLENOS are large CHILE filled with cheese they are breaded and fried usely covered with tomato sauce althought their made from CHILES.CHILES RELLENOS are generally spicy because the viens of the chila are removed without the viens and the seeds the CHILAS are much milder MOLES is the national dish of mexico it is a special sauce made from up to 40 different ingredents one of which is of course CHILA is only slitely spicy however And is usely served over chicken depending on the type of MOLE it can be (ROJO) red, (VERDE) green or (NEGRO CAFE) black and brown green MOLE or ( MOLE PIPIAN) as it is often called is my favorite crashed pumpkin seeds are one of its main ingredents REFRIED BEANS are served at every comida the main meal in mexico.The beans are cooked & cooked again with oil in a frying pan until they became a paste their often served with cheese or heavy cream on top. GUACAMOLE is a green deep made out of AVOCADO (aguacates) also out of onion,tomato, lemon and a special spice called

CILANTRO. You see them her with taquitos. But if you ever had NACHOS, I am sure that you seen them with GUACAMOLE, if not already tried it again thats GUACAMOLE finnally a summary of MEXICOS most popular foods would not be complete without their famous tacos.

Unlike the hard corn ORTEGA TACO shells that we use in the united states, MEXICANS usually make their TACOS using the small soft corn TORTILLA, that

were described erailer one of the most kinds of popular TACOS in mexico are called TACOS AL PASTOR. Al pastor are two large pieces of pork cooked on a stick like JYRO meat The pork meat is as a it rotates around and then shaved off into small pieces onto the TORTILLA. You can see a chunk of pineapple on top of the meat in this picture. Many people like their TACOS AL PASTOR with chunks of pineapple, in order to mix the salty with sweet. shown here is a QUESADILLA AL PASTOR. QUESDADILLAS are the same as TACOS except that they include cheese(QUESO) QUESO plus TORTILL makes QUESADILLA. You can see the pork meat(AL PASTOR) pineapple(PINA) and cheese(QUESO) in the TORILLA. Along with the onion and CILANTRO for flavoring. Again this is a TACO or actually a QUESADILLA AL PASTOR To summarize some of MEXICOS most popular foods include TORTILLAS,SOPA DE TORTILLA, CHILAQUILES CHILE RELLENO, mole the national dish, FRIJOLES REFRITOS. REFRIED BEANS , GUCAMOLE and TACOS or QUESEDILLA AL PASTOR. EL DESAYUNO breakfast In Mexico breakfast is usally eaten between 7 and 9 am. They eat Cereal. FRUTA CON YOGUR GRANOLA. Or YOGUR SOLO. Yogurt by it's self. HUEVOS eggs. Notice the HUEVOS in this grocery store are not in the refrigiator. In fact in Mexico and many Latin America countries they do not refrigiate eggs. Neither in the stores or in peoples hmes.If the eggs are fresh they don't need to be refrigiated.In the United States we refrigiate our eggs to make them last longer. So don't be surprised if you see eggs on the kitchen counter in Mexican homes. They are okay to eat. Comminly cooked eggs for breakfest scrambled eggs mixed with onions and chila as you will like HUEVOS RANCHEROS are also popular fried eggs sunny side up on top of TORTILLA with salsa on top. Remember that TORTILLAS the flat corn bread is served in every meal in MEXICO. also very popular for EL DESAYUNO is PAN DULCE or sweet bread.You can see here in the bakery in Wal mArt Yes they have Wal Marts everywhere even MEXICO All bakerys are PANADERIAS in MEXICO you can find trays and trays of PAN DULCE. In all shapes and sizes and flavors. With or without sugar with or without fruit. With or without butter extra. Every kind of sweet bread you can imagin. You can even buy PAN DULCE on the beaches in MEXICO. BEBIDAS PARA EL DESAYUNO are breakfast driniks. Include LECHE or milk shown here again un refrigerated they often drink this special kind of milk that does need to be refrigerated until the lid is open. But you can drink refrigerated fresh milk too

As in the United states many adults drink cafe /coffee most importantly They have fresh squeezed orange juice or JUGO DE NARANJA in fact in the streets many stands will sell freash squeezed orange juice in the mornings for less than two american dollers they also sell LICUADOS witch are mixes of fruit sugar and either water or milk put together in a blender on the left you can see UNA DE FRESCA and AGUA or a strawberry water blend and on the right UN LENQUADA DE FRESCA LECHE both are delisous Finally we end with a sign advertising a breakfeast bufie or a DESAYUNO BUFFET en espanol QUESADILLAS DE PAPA CON JAMON Y SOPES, HUEVOS AL GUSTO eggs

JAMON TOCINO O SALCHINA , hot cakes JUGOS DE NARAJA PAPAYA Y AGUA DE JAMAICA FRUTAS a red fruit punch flavored drink made from the red himika flower

FRUTAS COMO PAPAYA PINA SANDIA MELON ADULTOS or three dollers and 50 cents ten mexican pesaos is approximent american dollers to figure out the prices mexico food just divid the amount of pasos buy ten and youll know how much things coasts not a bad price for all that food NINOS is Kids only 2 dollers thus ends el DESAYUNO and MEXICO

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 1 Block 2

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