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James Cook University, Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

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My name is Kris Bell, and I'm 26 years old and I originally come from the U.K. I was working in London and a property investment strategist With a world renowned firm. I took a sabbatical from it for a few months to go study coral reefs and sea shells. whilst I was there I meet a few ahhh like minded people like myself who study at J.C. University. And they said it was the best University in the world to do my coarse. I didn't think to much more of it at the time but I came back to England again try to carry on with the career I was in but I kept on thinking about switching and doing something else actually passionate about. So I uhhh did the bulletin decided to quit my job and come over to J.C.U. to study. I agonized about this decision to come to J.C.U. for quite awhile cause it was such a big decision. Well I think it's really tough to give up the use of comfort of a paid job and life you have lived uhh and known well enough uhh and give all that up and do something which is uncertain and unknown. You need to be brave really to do that and I think once you have been brave and made that decision, it's a positive decision you've made and it won't be something you look back on and regret. You will look back on and regret not doing anything. I think J.C.U. is the only one I considered because seriously, because it has a world renown reputation. Makes a real difference being able to study what your learning in lectures and first hand experience one of the best examples of it in the world. There is so many different angles you can potentially take with my coarse that I got a lot of options open to me. J.C.U.'s really welcoming , really friendly uhh they counldn't do enough to help you out. It's very much a good balance between work and play Just follow your´╗┐ heart and don't look back.

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Hear from international student Kris why James Cook University has a world class reputation for marine biology stud

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