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Interview with Technician (Gladys)

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My name is William Mollel I live here in Mateves Which is in the Ward called Omuti This is my shop and I started it quite a while ago I started it in 2008 So it's been a long time now? But I wasn't here I moved here I was at another location This is my shop I started in 2008 2008 and these are the items the items that I sell here This is my place I was using lamps, then I bought battery powered lights they used batteries They worked for some time, but when I did the math, it was costing me too much and I decided to stop using them Then I bought a solar light The small ones that you hang then I saw that during the rains, there wasn't any...any light Yeah. So after moving here, I needed....M-Power So I went and asked people who had it, and they gave me, they directed me and gave me a number and I called the agent who said he would come on a certain day 'I'll come on a certain day, to look at how to install' I told him 'For me, it's not about how to install it, I want it installed so I can start doing business, I'm moving somewhere else' And after using M-Power, what has it changed for you maybe? It's changed things for me, because I have more customers, not like the times before If there was no light, there were no customers customers come from 6pm to 7pm and then there's no one so I would close early because I'd have no customers because I didn't have lights So that's why after installing M-Power it has helped me People stay until 10pm, or 11pm More than in the past Yes, more than in the past Sales are higher than in the past because people know if they come at 9pm, they'll get service because there's electricity there and it won't be closed They ask me about it, and others ask me how you get them and I tell them that 'when you're ready come and I'll give you the number of the agent' 'you can call them and make a plan for them to come and install it for you' That's the way I would tell them There was a person who asked me for the number, and he called them. And they've already had a unit installed? He'll have already installed a unit because he hasn't asked me again ...of getting light here at your shop It's changed things because I can happily do business I'm not afraid of not seeing who's coming, that maybe they're bad So, it's also helped you with security? Yes it's helped me with security People can be seen over there And also they see the lights of your shop, that it's open Yes that it's all good Or when you close do you turn the lights off? Sometimes I turn them off, sometimes I don't It's just what I feel like But most of the time I leave this outside one on

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Interview with Technician (Gladys)

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