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Geraint Twose and Cardif City LATEST EDITV3

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So yellows against blues, see your box see it, see your box in there chaps, you lot are in this channel. Simple game, simple game you have to try and get it through to the next team, if I knock that in there put your foot on the ball, one of you go in, freeze. Here's the game, 6 passes is a goal but also if you transfer it into there that's a goal OK does that make sense? So think about this morning, when you were keeping the ball, where were you looking to play really? In behind or forward, it's exactly the same. So you've got the choice. Are we not under pressure? We keep it for 6 passes but if we can play it into the other group, we play it into the other group, does that make sense? When that happens, Al throw it in, one of you go, you come back over here Dack, perfect, absolutely perfect. OK, got it? 'So there's only one to start with?' One to start with alright. Here we go. Play 1, 2, 3 Remember where you can play, 4, 5 6, 1 - nil 1 Well done Dan, ball out, one go 'Come on' OK get the ball in, get the ball in. There you go. Go with it where ever you like. Well played. Someone go in. Just get used to the game first it's fine. Here we go, just get used to the game. Ball in. Thanks buddy, Cheers Troy Dack you're doing a great job in there mate That's 5. Ball out, here we go Woah. Love it Dack, here we go 1, 2 3 4, 5 6, that's a goal So how have we started, do you think? So here we are, look at me. 'Force' OK 'We're rushing' When can you pass it to the other group? 'When there's space in between the two' OK, Do they say you have to have 6 passes first? 'No' No, right. 'You can have it for as long as you want'. Absolutely but we're trying to get the ball into there. So if we see it, don't turn it down.

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Posted by: dannyfranklin on Mar 5, 2018

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