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BOF Jason Silva Imagination

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Because we can imagine....We are free.

The Imaginary Foundation, which I adore and I quote them all the time

They say the goal of human imagination is to conjure all these delightful future possibilities,

pick the most amazing and ecstatic ones and, guess what, pull the present forward to meet that possibility.

Guess what? We CAN do that.

Ray Kurzweil talks about the fact that because we can create virtual models in our brains combined with our modular thumbs

that was sufficient to usher in a secondary force of evolution called Technology

and how it will continue until the entire universe is at our fingertips.

Or Terrance Mekena when he says that what humans beings do is take in matter of little organization

put it in our mental filtering

and then extrude it

in the form of spaceships or iPhones This is literally what's going on. If we are able to look at human progress as if it was time lapsed over the last 100 years you would see that literally thoughts spill over into the world in the form of Technology We engage in feedback loops with that technology which extends our ability to excentuate new realities in the world. People talk about rendering files in Final Cut Pro ... We're more and more rendering our visions, our dreams onto the excentuated Euclidean meet space. This is incredible. That is only increasing our capabilities ... our ability to do this is only increasing because .....we are only limited by our Imagination. It is really the case. What you have now is exponential progress and exponential growth curves in information technology that point to the fact that the computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper, a million times smaller and a thousand times more powerful than a $60 million supercomputer that was half the size of a building 40 years ago. That's a billion fold increase in price, performance and miniaturization that's going to continue so in the next 25 years computers will be the size of blood cells interfacing with our biological bodies. trillions of times more powerful capabilities and then you also have that information technology exponential growth curve spilling over into Biotechnology. Freeman Dyson talks about the domestication of biotechnology. Things as GPS that were once these big government everyone has GPS on their phones imagine the same thing with Biotechnology. It's not be like Monsanto, big genetic engineering company. No, it will be as if each of us had the ability to engineer our own food and having invitro meat and reprogram our own biochemistry update our biology, live longer, reverse engineer aging. stop entropy from killing us that's Biotechnology. and then you have Nanotechnology that is manipulating matter at the level of the atom so at that point of building blocks of the physical world will be programmable so literally we can turn dog shit in pearls. :) Talk about abundance. Talk about giving the world everything it could ever need and more. Each of us increasingly entering universes of our own construction. And then artificial intelligence, virtual reality. Hacking into our nervous systems. Creating nonbiological intelligence. or a biotechnological hybrid that augments and feeds upon itself on some recursive feedback then expands onto forever and you are talking about substrate independent minds trillions of times more powerful than we are now and if we can imagine it now .... why not make it so? "What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.". Nietzsche

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Posted by: ptran on Aug 9, 2012

BOF Jason Silva Imagination

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