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Why Music_Quincy Jones

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[WHY Music, UNLEASHING THE POWER OF MUSIC TO TRANSFORM HUMANITY] [Quincy Jones, Music Producer/Humanitarian/Minister of Culture] Growing up on the south side of Chicago— in the '30s, the biggest black ghetto in America during the Great Depression, I promise you— all I was ever saw every day were dead bodies, soldiers, tommy guns, piles of money on the lights, and the policy racket. And as a child, all I ever wanted to be was a gangster. I'll never forget years later in Seattle—and we broke into an armory as little 11-year-old bandits pursuing my dreams of being a gangster—and stumbled on a piano while we were prowling around. And as soon as I touched the keys, every cell in my body knew right there and then that music was what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. Music literally saved my life. It took me out of the gang and out of the gang mentality and placed me on another path—much better path— and I'm fortunate to have experienced the universality of music, such as the bond among people everywhere in the world, for its ability to transcend language, politics, and cultural differences. Unfortunately due to the budget cuts, music is being taken away from our students when oftentimes it's the only thing keeping them out of trouble. You take that away, then see what happens. Music is not just entertainment. It is a proven method of therapy for all sorts of disorders, and that is what kids need these days. So I urge you to share your story about why music means so much to you and why it's absolutely necessary to be kept in schools. I can't do it alone, but together we can make the world a different place, to make a world of difference. So hop on and let's get busy. God bless you. [WHY Music, UNLEASHING THE POWER OF MUSIC TO TRANSFORM HUMANITY,]

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Why Music_Quincy Jones

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