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Turma da Monica em: Monica a famosa

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Famous Monica Smudge! You lose all sense of danger! Not me, Monica. It was not I who gave node in the ears of Samson. It was the Jimmy Five. He traveled, then, was you. Pity! A moment of weakness. Then I undo the knots. You're nervous. I had a bad day! I do I share? I asked Paul to take an ice cream. Guess what? He dispensed you and was take an ice cream with Cindy. How do you know? Because she is beautiful. You is also nice. Give me a reason I did not hit you. Porque eu vou te ajudar a conquistar o seu Romeu. That is a lie. You can call me Cupid. The Paul leaves with Carmen already because she is beautiful. And all the boys are jealous. I would do envy. I believe. If he left you, you do not would envy, or with a fly. Because the fly can not see its beautiful qualities. But if you become famous, he will fall on your knees. How would I be famous? Appearing on television, of course! On TV? Let me, Monica. Do not switch off the television. [He opens the door] I will not pay gift. Every business needs to sacrifice. Who said that? Do you believe that this plan will right? Now you will be, beautiful, light and loose. This ice cream is spoiled. That smell! Hi, Cindy. It was Smudge. Pretend you did not see him that he will leave. What would you say, Cindy? I go to the current model. Monica debut on television. And she invited him to attend in her place. On TV? It is a program of horror? We see here the screen of the cafeteria. I will go! I do not want to miss it? Not close enough. You will smudge the clothes it. Ready! We arrived! We arrived! Get ready for the Monica's Show! Now, back to: Monica answered. Turn here for the television channel. How was she for television? One question: how I came to television? Do not look for her. Look at me. I was discovered by a handsome boy when he came walking in my town. He could take me to Hollywood, but I refused. She will tell the time! One, two, three... She is counting seconds. Someone paid to see it? Another question the fans, want to know how I gain? You guess all the questions. I can not say as I gain, but I will gain the double in the next month. Should be a few dollars. But are millions. Millions. Wow! Millions! I do not believe that I provide her to quit with you. So we change the channel. ♪ I want to be star ♪ ♪ Star in Hollywood ♪ News Channel: Our neighborhood suffers from the foot odor of Carmen Frufru. Suffice she to make the shoe that everyone comes out running. The teddy bear is made with ... Hello, boys and girls!

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Duration: 7 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: Brazil
Genre: None
Producer: Monica
Director: Monica
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Posted by: submonica on Jul 1, 2009

Monica e Cascao tem um plano para ela sair com o Paulinho, que esta saindo com a Carmem Frufru.

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