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Restriction Seminar - Video 4 by Rav Berg

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As soon as you have restriction, the illusion makes it appear as if what? It's been lost, the force of me throwing that stone has already been lost. Right? Once it has hit the water then look what happens the impact get weaker and weaker and weaker and the truth of the matter is we've gone through this the illusion is, and it will always be an illusion, if I push away that which I want how can I ever have it? Can I have it if I push it away? Here they are trying to teach us, the Ari is trying to teach us a new concept that the more you keep pushing something away the more you're going to get it. The more you push away the comfortable, the more you push away that which you want... (audience) But I'm talking about after pushing, after the impact. The Rav: That's right. You get more or you get less? (audience) After the impact? Once the circle becomes wider it also becomes weaker. So that means you're getting less? (audience) Well it seems that all the revelations happens at the point of impact. The Rav: But everybody observes that he's bouncing back, right? You're bouncing back, you're not sure. From one point of view you're observing, you say 'but the circle is getting bigger' now wait a second, but the impact is weaker, so what do you mean it gets bigger? How can it get bigger? I'm asking you, how does it get bigger with the weaker impact? That's the illusion, because we think that the getting, with the receiving, that's it. That's it, that takes care of everything. And that's what the Ari is trying to tell us, you're always gonna see that illusion that will tell you "so where is really what's happening?" Grab it, focus, that point, that Malchut - that's where it's at. Or you say 'no, wait a second, it's back way before it happened, give me that!' Or give me what I grab. What's better, one in the hand or two in a bush? What's better? Right? Which is better? Huh, what do you say? One in the hand is better, of course. And he's teaching us two in a bush is better. (audience) that's right, because you have the possibility to catch it twice The Rav: But who's going to catch it? But be sure! and the answer is, again and that's why it's difficult, we're so conditioned that what you can grab is what you're going to have.

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