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Tor Browser Bundle Tutorial

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Hello, recently I did a tutorial for you on how to use the Tor anonymity software. That tutorial was for the full installation of Tor on your computer. But sometimes we're not at our computer but we still want to protect our privacy. So what Tor has done is put together a Browser Bundle. What the Browser Bundle does is allow you to run Tor off of a USB flash drive. So no matter where you are, if you're at an internet cafe, or at your friend's house using their computer, you'll still be protected because you can run a browser right off of the flash drive that uses the Tor software. So, with that in mind, let's get started. So, one of the great things about the Tor Browser Bundle is that it doesn't require you to configure anything. You can put it on a flash drive, open it up and it goes right away without any kind of input from you whatsoever. It's small, it's portable, and it leaves no trace on the computer you were working on. So, we're going to be putting this on a USB flash drive so that we can take it with us wherever we go. The first step in doing this is to actually get the software. You'll want to open up your preferred Internet browser, and I'm using Mozilla's Firefox, as usual. In my last tutorial I told you to go to and it redirected me to the correct site. The correct site is Once you're at the website you'll want to click on "Download". The first choice on the left hand side should be the "Tor Browser Bundle". You're going to click that. It will now ask you to save the file. As with the last tutorial, you're going to save the file, but I've already saved it for the tutorial so I'm going to click cancel and go get my file. Okay, here's the file. This is a self extracting file, all you have to do is double click the icon and it will ask you where you want to save the files contained inside. This is when you want to insert your USB flash drive. I'm going to do that now. And in a second or two you should see the little icon down here in the lower right hand corner of the screen telling me I've connected it. Now, I'm going to open the folder to view files. I don't need this for the moment so I'm going to minimize it and then double click the Tor Browser icon. Run it. Now its going to ask you where you want to extract it to. Click here on the (...) dot dot dot and then find your flash drive. Mine is listed as "Removable Disk (E:)". I'm going to select it and click OK and then let it extract. Once the files are done extracting we don't need this window open anymore, so we're going to minimize it and then go back to our USB flash drive. You should see the Tor Browser folder. Double click the folder icon. The "Start Tor Browser" icon is the only file you have to worry about in this folder. What you want to do is double click this icon and it will open up the Tor user interface and immediately start connecting to the server. It should all happen pretty quickly. So, double click the icon, and down here in the taskbar you'll see the Tor icon pop up right here. You can right click that and do anything from there that you can do on the user interface. This is going to connect to the Tor network and then it should pop up a browser. The browser should tell us that we've been connected to Tor. Right here's the green onion, and the icon down here is green as well. Okay, so here's the self-contained Tor browser. It's a Firefox browser. You might be wondering about the thing that just popped up here. This is Pidgin, and I'm going to talk about it in a different tutorial, so for now I'm just going to close this. The website that you are automatically directed to when the Tor browser opens is What this website does is tell us whether or not we're connected to the Tor network. As you can see, in big green letters, is that we are using Tor and it is working for us. And down here you can see the IP address that will appear to anybody who is looking at my connection. Obviously, I'm hoping that's not my real IP address, but I'm pretty sure it's not. To show you how self-contained this program is, and that its protecting me as I surf the web, I'm going to show you on the web browser that is installed on my computer. So, I'm going to open up my unprotected browser and go to And, as you can see, in big red letters with the big crossed out onion, is "Sorry. You are not using Tor." So, with this browser, I'm not protected. And you can see here that, oh, this actually is my real IP address. I can check that on my computer and it would be the same number. Obviously, because I'm trying to protect myself, I'm not going to show you all the numbers of my IP address, but you can see that the first and last numbers don't match up with the numbers on the self-contained browser. So, I'm being protected no matter where I go so long as I have this on my USB flash drive. You may be wondering how to stop the service. It's very simple. All you have to do to turn off Tor and close the control panel is close the browser. Both this and this should disappear. And that's all you have to do. Then to open it up again, all you do is go to your flash drive and double click "Start Tor Browser". That's all there is to being safe while you're mobile. Take it to your favorite internet cafe, your friend's house, your relative's house, anywhere, and you'll be sure to be protected. I hope this tutorial has been of some help, good luck.

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Tutorial on downloading, installing, and using the Tor Browser Bundle.

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