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Demon talk show: I Possessed KILLERS and Murderers, Patrick 2

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: How Demons drove People to kill - Patrick This is Patrick. I had the ability to, integrate and manifest 'me', within and as, a human being. Specifically, only males. I would have..and as I have explained, specifically search out and seek, A male, a man..who had these specific signature of, 'anger'. Which was, orange red and deep dark blue in 'color'. I would immediately, aligned myself. With the, anger - existing within and as the human being. It is a..relationship formed, between me, and the anger, existing within and as, the human being. Because the manifestation of me as who and what I was, as a demon, 'was anger', in it's very nature. anger..with the consciousness (smile), and awareness Me as the very manifestation of anger, of hatred of fury. Finding it's 'partner' the anger, existing within and as a human being. I would integrate manifest me, as the human being, and then I would.. Feed off of, this human being's anger, within and as himself. For me to be able to, continue my existence, as an interdimensional 'demon'. I would have the 'power', to direct a man, a human being.. To the point..of murdering, of killing..another human being. I would..take this anger, within and as the human being after I manifested and integrated me, within and as, the man. I would take the anger, within and as him (sip) drink it up within and as me. As the entirety of me. As though, this anger is the wood and I'm the fire..and I feed off of this anger. and I drink it 'all up', inside of me, within and as the man. When, the anger within and as this 'man' that I have - manifested me within and as When this anger would become, 'depleted'.. I would be able to 'literally', forced, direct and control this man that I have manifested 'me' within. To the point of, 'killing' another human being, 'Without the Man', even being aware. of my 'presence', within and as him. All the men, that I've possessed, had no awareness, of my 'presence'. I had 'complete directive control'..of the entirety of the being. Thinking, and believing that everything they had 'done', was them. That actually 'it was me' doing it through them. and this is what I all men. I would integrate, manifest me (sip) drink up, all the anger, the fury the hatred within and as, the being's, this man. I would.. Take them to the 'point of' killing another human being, because it was in that 'moment of killing', where this, anger this hatred 'within and as', them became 'more and more and more' (sniff) Consuming them within and as the madness of this anger of this hatred which was, euphoria extasy to a demon. That 'moment of killing' was (ecstatic).. where I was 'alive', as a demon, that was possessing this man. and I would take 'one man', and do as many, 'killings' within this, man's one life as I possibly could. I possessed man, for as long, as I could, within one life. Sometimes, a year, sometimes a few months, sometimes 'seven years' sometimes eleven sometimes..twenty five. The amount of time I'd- would be able to spend, in one man's body. Taking control and power, directive principle of the entirety of them in their Lifes. In that I would destroy their lifes. I would take 'family men' transform them into murderers. I take men..who some would never have conceived, possible to kill another, and force them and direct them to 'a point' of killing another human being. Losing their families, their friends. I would even, sometimes when I'm done, within and as a man, I would either, kill, 'me'..within and as this human physical body as, of this being. and then hop to the next body. Or I would, go with this man to the point where, they would be captured by the law, when I would, experience me, in and as 'the man', being..electrocuted. I have been electrocuted (smile), couple of times. Within, and as a man, that I've possessed..very interesting death. Fascinating experience. and this is how I 'body uped', for centuries. Taking's lifes, entirely and completely taking over themselves, without them even realizing it without them, even knowing of my presence within and as them. Destroying their lifes, taking them forcing them to a point of killing another human being. At that moment and point of killing is where that absolute (ecstatic) fire of life (enjoying) of a demon (relax) would be. I would be alive in that moment. Hatred anger, frustration, sadness sorrow, 'compounding' (esctatic) Thank you. this is Patrick.

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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